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AdVenture Capitalist is the greatest capitalist simulation game in the world. It takes you into the world of investors, core business, adventure in the global economy, learning how to become rich and financially autonomous.

AdVenture Capitalist

General introduction

Welcome you, eager young investor, to the AdVenture Capitalist adventure game. Have you always dreamed of owning a mighty business career? Want to control your own destiny? Establishing a multinational corporation, becoming an exclusive enterprise worldwide? So, come to the AdVenture Capitalist adventure, this is a game for an ambitious person like you.


Initially, you will be a walker selling lemons to make money, each lemon you will have $ 1. It’s easy to start playing, just click on the lemon or the progress bar to sell lemons. You can only sell one at a time. After you have enough money, buy additional quantities of lemons that can be sold per click. The price of this quantity will increase in proportion to the quantity.

You can simply understand that when you expand your business, your business costs will increase. Click continuously until there is enough money to open a new business. Click on Buy in the upper right corner of the screen to change the number of current sales. At first, you can only buy 1 more quantity when clicking below the progress bar, after clicking Buy you will have an additional 10 numbers or 100, or each click on the progress bar, the maximum number corresponding to amount of money.

AdVenture Capitalist

Invest for profit

After the lemonade business is profitable, you will have money to open a newspaper store, a car wash shop, a pizzeria, eventually there will be a bank, an oil company, and you will become a real billionaire. Each type of item will have different profit times, such as lemons you can collect money immediately, newspaper sales you have to wait 3 seconds, car wash is 5 seconds, pizza will be 12 seconds … The more profitable the item is, the more profitable time will be.

Do not just sell, but create value added for your products. For example, you buy more sun umbrellas at the lemonade store, sell more happy newspapers. These added values ​​will be unlocked when the item you sell reaches a certain amount. They will triple or more profit for you. Investing a moderate amount of money and making a profit of 3, many times over the long term is a wise job of investors.

Having to constantly click to sell things is so boring, and if you pay too much attention to it, you can not calculate and consider your business to grow faster. Luckily, the business game AdVenture Capitalist lets you hire managers to run your business, and maximize the efficiency of your business. They will on your behalf sell items and collect money, you just need to focus on the management at the macro level.

Business expansion

Constantly expanding your business and achieving maximum profits in your field, let’s invest more to reach new maximum quantities and unlock super-lucrative profits.

The more money you make, the more you will attract the Angle Investors. These investors will increase profits and unlock many upgrades. But you will need to sell your trading companies and start over, of course the starting line is now higher.

Now, when you have enough money to go to the moon, you will have the opportunity to expand your business in outer space, on the moon with many things to invest, and increase profits at a dizzying pace.

While you are offline, the game continues, the managers you hire still make money for you. Imagine, now you are a billionaire, holding at once 5 or 6 large companies. You can freely travel, do your favorite jobs, or go abroad to negotiate about work, sign contracts without worrying too much about the odd management jobs in the other companies. .

A small note is that, the rapid increase in the amount of business goods (initially 1, 10, 100 …) may not help you increase profits accordingly, so consider carefully when deciding plan to increase the number of sales or not, if so, how much increase will be reasonable?


AdVenture Capitalist is a game that simulates the capitalist economy in a realistic way. Similar to other business simulation games, this game has relatively simple and fun 2D graphics. Everything is modeled in a fun and easy to understand way, making it easy to master the features in the game, thereby finding the most appropriate business strategy for you. Each character has a unique appearance, not designed in a superficial way.

What is in AdVenture Capitalist (MOD, Unlimited Gold)?

Besides the AdVenture Capitalist provided by the publisher Kongregate, we will bring you the modified version of this game. AdVenture Capitalist mod apk will change a little bit, so players can easily achieve the desired things in the game quickly. Normally, you will have to go through a lot of levels to get more money. Instead, in AdVenture Capitalist mod apk, you can buy all the things in the shop as you like without worrying about the price, because they are free. AdVenture Capitalist mod apk helps you save a lot of time and costs in the game. Together with AdVenture Capitalist make a lot of money.


AdVenture Capitalist MOD is a game for those who like business and make lots of money. The game gives you many business problems, and a business environment like reality. If you have the dream of becoming a billionaire and a successful businessman, you cannot ignore this game.


Download AdVenture Capitalist 8.2.0 (MOD, Unlimited Gold) for android
Download AdVenture Capitalist for Android (Version 8.2.0)
APK (MOD, Unlimited Gold)
Download from Google Play
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