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All Star Tower Defense Codes, Tier list Coupon Codes (February 2023)

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    February 1, 2023

Roblox is an online game that allows players to create mini-games as they like, and most of the players are children and teenagers, including the All Star Tower Defense mod.

All Star Tower is another popular anime-style game. If other anime games simulate characters and elements such as strength and skills according to an anime series, All Star Tower Defense will have characters from the most popular anime series such as Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and One Piece.

All Star Tower Defense codes are the latest codes to receive gems, and gamers will have more gems to buy in-game items. Most of the codes this time are sent to gamers’ gems and exp.

Here, Maxdroid will synthesize the full All Star Tower Defense code and update it regularly for you.

All Star Tower Defense Codes

All-star tower defense code list

We always update you with the latest codes. Wondering when our page was last updated? Check out our Update Log below for all Roblox All Star Tower Defense codes, both new and expired. You never know when they might expire, so claim these codes as quickly as possible. We always test these codes on the release date. But if you discover an expired code, let us know in the comments section below with the exact code not working.

All codes are case-sensitive and must be validated exactly as written!

All Star Tower Defense Codes (Working)

  • superwoop – 400 gems
  • 1mgroupmembers – 800 gems, 800 gold
  • themadao – 1000 gems, 750 gold, and 1 EXP IV
  • world2ishere – 300 gems, 500 gold
  • world2comingsoon – 250 gems, 250 gold
  • astdx2022 – 500 gems, 1000 gold
  • merrychristmas2k21 – 1000 gems, 1000 gold
  • winterbreakwhen – 250 gems, 250 gold
  • december2021 – 300 gems, 500 gold
  • eatlotsonthanksgiving – 300 gems, 500 gold
  • thecityofangels – 250 gems and 250 gold
  • igot2look – 250 gems, 250 gold
  • novemberupdate – 300 GEMS) (500 GOLD)

All Star Tower Defense Codes (Expired)

Below we have a list of recently expired codes, try and see if they still work for you. Maybe you will find valid codes with loads of attractive rewards:

  • robloxyay (300 gems, 800 gold, EXP III)
  • starshipway
  • wowshutdown – 250 Gems
  • fruit100k – 200 Gems, Exp III
  • NavyxFlameYT60K – 200 Gems, Exp III 
  • longmaintenance
  • thursdayfun – 250 gems
  • tacotuesday – 250 gems
  • 2bcodeswagmodeblazeit – 400 gems + drip unit
  • shutdownagaincode21
  • nooshutdown – 400 gems
  • septemberupdate21 – 250 gems
  • specialkingluffy100k – 150 gems + special king ruffly unit
  • nowherescoredeal – 250 gems
  • gamebreakingvisits101 – 250 gems
  • illbewatchingyou – 300gems
  • theotheronecode – 250 gems
  • minishutdown – 200 gems
  • mrworldwide – 300 gems
  • morecodeforyouxd – 175 gems
  • codeofprisma – 250 gems
  • codeoflight – 250 gems
  • listentothemusic132 – 175 gems
  • howareyoutodaymyfriendo – 175 gems
  • fruitysubmore – 250 gems 
  • 4thofjulyupdate – 250 gems, 250 gold, 2x EXP III 
  • lesgolesgoyuuh – 150 gems
  • supertime – 150 gems
  • biggerthanlife1 – 150 gems
  • fruitgame
  • 600klikes – 175 gems
  • updatejune2021 – 250 gems, 250 gold, 2x EXP III
  • fruit – 550 gems, 500 gold, 2x EXP III’s 
  • Update53021 – 150 Gems, 300 Gold, and EXP III 
  • 2021memorialday2021x – 150 Gems 
  • lovetobrazil – 150 Gems 
  • addnewunitstobannerfix – 150 Gems 
  • diamondnowina – 150 Gems
  • ohmahgawdskill – 150 Gems
  • yellowsix – 150 gems
  • tysmfor1mfavorite – Redeem code for 750 Gems, 750 gold, and EXP III
  • smoothcriminal2 – 150 Gems
  • jahajha – 150 Gems
  • shotofmemories – 150 Gems
  • quickshut – 100 Gems
  • lieawake – 150 Gems
  • freedom – 150 Gems
  • likeapartyonthelist – 150 Gems
  • 1bvisit1b – 1,000 Gems
  • 1billionvisit21drip – 200 Gems, 300 Gold, and Koku Drip Skin
  • eastercoda21 – 150 Gems
  • helloworld2021 – 150 Gems
  • somemorenewcoode – 150 Gems
  • isitthenewerayet – 150 Gems
  • hchgaming – 150 Gems
All Star Tower Defense Codes

How to enter the code

Redeem the code is a bit complicated if you are new, but don’t worry, see the steps right below:

Step 1: Open Roblox game > Click All Star Tower Defense.

Step 2: Next, select the gear icon.

Step 3: Click on the Enter Code box.

Step 4: Enter the code and click on the green arrow to complete the gift receipt!

Above are our shares about the updated list of All Star Tower Defense Code 2023. If you find the code, please leave it in the comments section right below this article.

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Download All Star Tower Defense Codes, Tier list Coupon Codes (February 2023) for android
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