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Antarctica 88: Scary Action Adventure Horror Game 1.2.7 (MOD, Unlocked)

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    January 25, 2021

Antarctica 88: Scary Action Adventure Horror Game is an action and survival game in a creepy adventure. This is one of the top horror games, and players will have a really scary experience.

In this horrible action game, you will find yourself in an ice maze in Antarctica, where you immerse yourself in a terrible sci-fi story full of monsters, weapons and adventures. The survival action in the game will make you scared. So be prepared to scream, solve puzzles, and overcome mazes full of dangers!

Antarctica 88: Scary Action Adventure Horror Game

Introduction about the game

This survival horror film takes place at the company station “Antarctica 1”. Over the past six months, Vladimir Efimov’s expedition has come to this frozen land to take part in ice drilling. In addition, the expedition also came here to explore the prehistoric minerals found in the ice. Six weeks ago, the expedition stopped making contact.

In this game, you will play as a member of a four-man rescue squad. Once there, you have to go through a creepy adventure, and find out the strange things that happened there. No one will hear your screams except the demons, and terrible killer monsters.

Interesting plot with many endings

Experience the game with an adventure story in a very cold place, which is Antarctica. You will encounter many horror images, and participate in puzzles to complete the mission and survive. There will be many ways to solve different puzzles, so there will be many endings for the interesting stories that unfold in the game. You will experience the game, and finish it without having to follow a certain framework like many other games.

Therefore, the game Antarctica 88: Scary Action Adventure Horror has many endings. The result of the story will depend only on your actions and decisions. You can open all endings and learn the full story. This will be a real delight for creative gamers.

Perfect horror adventure: intense gameplay

As a super horror game, so players will always experience feelings of fear. Because they have to face dangerous situations, bloodstains flow, feelings of death surround. Therefore, if you are not a gamer in the horror genre, you will always be scared by the extremely stressful gameplay in the game.

However, the game has very perfect horror adventures. Especially, if you like adventure and horror, this is the game for you. Therefore, if you’ve played many horror games and you like this genre, immediately choose the game Antarctica 88: Scary Action Adventure Horror Game to experience, and conquer new peaks of a horror game.

Use the cards to open doors

In this game, the houses are locked by difficult passwords. So to open these doors, you must find cards to answer and encrypt the password sequence. This is extremely important because you must enter the houses to find items or weapons, so as to help you survive and overcome danger.

Besides, the houses will also be places that you can use to shelter. Choosing a safe house for yourself, you will avoid terrible demons. However, you need to check the house carefully. This is to ensure that the house has sufficient qualifications to serve as its shelter.

Look for warm clothes and gloves

The scene of the game is Antarctica, where is extremely cold. Therefore, the player must always keep their body warm, avoid the cold, and freeze. Therefore, the first thing is that players should find themselves warm cloth and gloves for cold weather. These items can be easily found in the wardrobes of some houses.

Collect weapons and get ready to fight monsters

Explore all the houses, and collect any weapons you see from axes, hammers, guns … They will be very useful when you face the extremely scary monsters.

This is a real horror game, plus the effects of screams on ice or smiles x corp that make you feel trembling. But remember that you need to be calm and alert to fight the murderous demons – who are stalking, chasing, and waiting to attack you at any time. So be ready to face and escape from the terrible monsters that are hiding in Antarctica.

Antarctica 88: Scary Action Adventure Horror Game

What’s new in the game?

In this update, the manufacturer has many improvements that make the game much more attractive. Specifically:

The new version has many varied and interesting endings and adds a number of monsters and weapons. Especially, there are more difficult questions to test the players’ minds. Give players the excitement to think and find the right answers to the puzzle. In addition, also enticing players into the brain game in addition to the horror and scary challenges.

Besides, the new update of the game has also fixed a lot of errors. At the same time reduce the number of ads, which is troublesome for many players. Therefore, this is one of the things that makes gamers feel extremely satisfied when playing.

The graphic design

This is one of the fascinating horror games with great graphic design and sharp visuals. In particular, the sound is extremely vivid and creepy. It gives the player a very real feeling and makes the scene in the game become even more ghostly and terrifying.


Try this game – one of the best horror games. Solve puzzles, explore, collect and use objects to find out what the story is. At the same time, try to escape from the icy cold of Antarctica to survive. In particular, gamers who love adventure and horror should not miss this game.

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