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Hoard Master MOD APK 1.0.1 (Unlimited Money)

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    March 13, 2023

Hoard Master is one of the coolest pastime games for Android devices. The game is developed by Rollic Games, in this version, you can download the game as a MOD APK completely for free. What does this game have that is so appreciated by the majority of players? Let’s discover the reason through this article by Maxdroid!

Arcade Hole Hoard Master APK + MOD

About Hoard Master

Hoard Master is an arcade game by Rollic Games. Here, you will control a black hole. The black hole must suck all the objects in its path to earn money. When you collect a certain amount of valuable items, go to the base and smelt them for coins.

Over time, you will be able to improve the black hole. You can increase its size, width, capacity, and movement speed. When you have “eaten” all the “coins”, you can go to the next level. In general, the gameplay of the application is very simple and easy to understand for all users.

Even small children can participate in and control this game. Surely everyone is still wondering what the rules of the game are? Collect treasures or items? After that, you will receive bonuses for upgrading and passing the level. It’s easy to say, but you have to really experience it to understand the content that the game conveys.

For the best experience, join the game on a PC or Mac. With the help of the BlueStacks system, players will feel more comfortable when playing Hoard Master with a wide screen. Sometimes, your phone will overload and overheat, which will greatly affect the gameplay.

Vacuum clean everything

The way to conquer the game is also very simple, you will become a black hole. It has the task of collecting objects on the screen to fill the hole. Objects are built in patterns of various shapes and colors. Thanks to that, players will not feel bored and suffocated when enjoying.

They include round coins, square bars, hearts, and pumpkins… in different sizes. Imagine you are a hunter, with your mouth always open in search of an infinite source of food. Gather as much as you can and put it all in your mouth to fill the “hungry stomach”. Or you could be a cosmic black hole that sucks in everything that fits and devours it. If you think so, our game is more lively and interesting.

Arcade Hole Hoard Master APK + MOD

Upgrading the size of the black hole

The original black hole in Hoard Master will be limited in size and capacity. In addition, the movement speed is somewhat limited. You will only collect enough items that match it, as larger items will not be obtained. Therefore, to expand this cosmic hole, the player must pass the levels to upgrade. When you put everything in the hole and fill it up, you need to release it. The game builds a machine to put all the stuff you get into it.

Once inserted, the machine dispenses an amount equal to the number of items. The hole will suck all the money and then move to the upgrade box. By following the above steps, the hole will partially increase in size, speed, and capacity. Remember to only collect items that fit the black hole, and quickly collect all the “foods” that fit this huge hungry mouth.

Collect gold coins to upgrade the black hole

Every game has a reward that the player deserves. It helps to increase inspiration and does not hinder when participation in the game. Similarly in Hoard Master, you will collect materials and put them into the machine like when delivering goods, then deliver the products, sell them, and get your capital back. The effort is not wasted, if you collect a lot of items, they will be very profitable.

In addition to the purpose of expanding the black hole with money, the player will receive a small amount of capital. Just like selling and making a profit, if you have a lot of money, you can buy new items and own high-quality items. Similar to Hoard Master, the more money you get, the more valuable and wonderful ingredients you get. Therefore, quickly collect as many items and expand the initial capital.

Arcade Hole Hoard Master APK + MOD

Simplify everything

With a simple space, gameplay as well as an accessible form for gamers, this game will also be suitable for the elderly. The experience gained through the rounds is also upgraded and renewed to pique your interest. You just need to swipe gently to move the black hole on the screen.

Avoid locations with objects that are too large for the size of the crater, as it cannot contain them. On the screen, a white circle will appear for the player to control more easily in analog form. Become a professional material collector and conquer all the objects in the game. There will be a variety of strange and eye-catching objects in the fascinating scenery.

Hoard Master MOD APK version

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Hoard Master MOD APK version provided by Maxdroid will help players upgrade their black hole faster because the amount of money is now infinite.

Download Hoard Master MOD APK for Android

Hoard Master is a rather strange and interesting game for players who want to experience light entertainment games. If you love this game, you can download the MOD APK version of Hoard Master for Android.

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