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Bouncemasters MOD APK 1.4.6 (Unlimited Money)

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    Android 5.0
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    June 22, 2022

Bouncemasters is a pretty fun game with the participation of smart penguins. Control these birds to overcome obstacles. With Bouncemasters mod, you can face many challenges that the game brings. Quickly reach the finish line with any penguin. Let’s explore this game with Maxdroid!

Bouncemasters APK + MOD

About Bouncemasters

When we think of the Arctic, we often think of cold, snowy weather with icebergs, along with animals like penguins and polar bears.

One day, the penguin saw a very beautiful girl, but she was far away. He wants to get there quickly, but he doesn’t have a car and of course, he can’t fly. But luckily, his polar bear friends can help him get there with a golf swing.

Not only that, every time he landed, the fat belly of the seal or reindeer would pick him up and then continue his journey. Accurate landing is not easy, especially for new players. When I started playing I couldn’t land properly. Bouncemasters will end when you reach your goal, or the penguin falls to the ground unsupported by anything.

Let’s earn a lot of money to upgrade the character

In addition to landing accurately, I recommend being careful to collect lots of coins along the way. Because in every game, money is always important and helps you a lot. When you have money, you can improve your bird, and remember to improve the bear because it will help you a lot.

There are several things you need to improve for the penguin, first the strength and speed, then the resilience. The polar bear gives you some initial flight distance, so you need to upgrade the bear’s shot and buy him cool weapons like shovels, lollipops, and sticks,… Daily tasks will help you earn a lot of money, don’t forget to log in every day to complete the task.

Bouncemasters APK + MOD

If you are wondering what priority to upgrade to, I have a tip that you should upgrade in a balanced way. Each upgrade will help your bird a lot, and each upgrade has its own benefits.

Let’s overcome the challenge together

Let’s control the penguin to fly far away. Tap the screen to make the polar bear hit the bird as far as possible. In addition, you can also let the bird touch the seal. That will have strong power to make the bird jump further. Try to release the bird in the widest possible direction. Conquer orbits and complete missions quickly. This will be one of those games that makes it easy for players to win. Just be quick and let the bird touch the right direction. The farther you fly, the bigger your score.

Collect gold coins and diamonds

You and the penguin will collect diamonds and coins along the way. Move the penguin to the right place to eat more diamonds and gold coins. Play with the utmost concentration to collect as many treasures as possible. It looks easy, but it also requires a lot of skill. Try to fly the bird in the right direction to pick up coins and diamonds. Join for more opportunities to improve your own team. Complete missions with the penguins and get valuable rewards.

Bouncemaster allows the player to go with bears and penguins. Make the birds jump as far as possible to get rewards. The gameplay is engaging and entertaining at the highest level. Join Bouncemasters to set records, and become a good player with incredible achievements.

Let’s play with friends!

Are you bored playing alone? Invite your friends and “fly” together into the cold Arctic. The person with the highest score will be the winner. Are you ready to beat your friends? There are some people complaining about the ad problem in Bouncemasters, it appears frequently, and will take time to appear and degrade the gaming experience a lot. However, in return, you will receive a lot of attractive rewards such as an amount of money or diamonds in the game.

Bouncemasters APK + MOD

Very cute sound and graphics

Published by Playgendary Limited – a very famous game company in the mobile game market, you will not be disappointed when you experience the mod of Bouncemasters. The game is designed in a classic 2D style, but with very high detail, every movement and transition is very smooth. In addition, the game is designed with various maps to give you a new experience every time. The sound in the game is also very synchronized and creates equally impressive aerial displays, right?

The game has bright, harmonious, and fun colors like Disney cartoons. The physical movement is designed to be seamless. Every time a penguin is in trouble, it usually emits funny screams.

Bouncemasters MOD APK version

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money when opening the game. With this feature, you will be spoiled for upgrading 2 main characters of the game: the penguin and the polar bear.

Download Bouncemasters MOD APK for Android

If you are too tired of daily work, try Bouncemasters mod apk now and experience this extremely interesting casual game. You can download Bouncemasters MOD APK for the Android version HERE.

Download Bouncemasters MOD APK 1.4.6 (Unlimited Money) for android
Download Bouncemasters for android (Version 1.4.6)
APK (Unlimited Money)
Download from Google Play
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