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Bullet Force MOD APK 1.88.1 (Unlimited Ammo)

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    May 9, 2022

If you love first-person shooter games like Raid, Assault, or CF Mobile,… Bullet Force will definitely be your favorite game. The game has features such as buying weapons, choosing perks for players, and many other unique things, which will definitely bring players excitement. Now, let’s explore this game with Maxdroid. In addition, do not forget to follow the Bullet Force mod apk version to see interesting things.

Bullet Force APK + MOD

Bullet Force gameplay

Coming to Bullet Force, you will become a mighty warrior. You can play both online and offline. With online mode, players will have to wait a bit for the system to find a match for them. And if you feel like waiting is a waste, you can enter Gun Games mode to practice shooting. With Bullet Force in particular or shooting games in general, it will be difficult for players to play well right away. It requires practice time to overcome yourself and strong enemies.

At Bullet Force, players will experience a lot of terrible equipment. However, it requires you to have a win to use them. The game has more than 20 different types of guns, 30 types of accessories that come from scopes, laser tubes, bullets through walls…And especially, players can arbitrarily edit and shape the weapon until they are satisfied with it. This customization will be used through available packages or unlocked through rounds.

The context in the game is also quite rich, players will be able to go through many different scenes from massive buildings, craggy terraces, mansions with many angles, underground sewers… The difficulty of the game will depend a lot on this battle environment. Obstacles on the road will help you avoid enemies. However, it also brings you many dangers. Therefore, adaptation will be very important. Those who can rely on the terrain to fight and overcome the disadvantages will have a great chance of winning. The design and construction of such a game context require players to improvise. As long as you become the last survivor in the game, you will win.

Bullet Force APK + MOD

In addition to destroying the enemy team, players also need to complete special tasks that the game assigns. But if you pass these tasks, you will also have the opportunity to receive extremely attractive rewards. For example, super-powerful weapons or equipment are usually only obtained when unlocked.

Bullet Force has many challenging game modes

It can be said that Bullet Force is not difficult to play. However, it is not easy to play well. Bullet Force will help players experience brutal battlefield scenes. The game has 4 game modes as follows: Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, Free For All. Each game mode will help players experience their own interesting things. However, you will certainly feel the appeal, drama, and satisfaction of a shooter.

Bullet Force APK + MOD

To make it easier for you to understand, we can generalize the game modes as follows.

  • Team Deathmatch mode: this is a mode that will play in teams with up to 16 people, and the battle will take place on a large battlefield.
  • Conquest mode: players will have to perform missions according to the campaign, as well as have to comply and follow those missions. When the mission is completed, the player will receive money.
  • Free For All mode is a free game mode with no limits for you.
  • And finally, Gun Games mode: where you will practice your skills in shooting, participate in mini-games to train your eyes, reflexes and master the manipulations in the game. Therefore, when players are not used to using guns, they can practice in this mode before discovering other interesting things in the game.

In addition, with Bullet Force, you can also play in offline mode. You will play solo with increasing difficulty. This is a very special point of a shooting game with complex graphics and gameplay.

Bullet Force graphics

Bullet Force uses Unity Engine 3D visualization technology. Therefore, from the context, the characters to the effects of the game, all make a good impression on the players. Haunting deadly situations, intense battle images, warriors move flexibly and accurately. All create a shooting game as attractive as when you play shooting games on the computer.

In addition, Bullet Force has built up an attractive in-game context to help players not get bored. The scenery is quite beautiful, the colors and construction scale are all very realistic. Along with that, the effect of explosives, the sound of bombs, the sound of running feet. All create a feeling of authenticity as if you are participating in a real battle.

Download now Bullet Force mod apk for Android

Bullet Force is a free game for users to download and use. However, it still has an apk mod version for users to experience. This mod version will allow players to use unlimited ammo without fear of running out. This is the extremely attractive advantage of a shooting game. If you love such a shooting game, do not hesitate to download and experience it right away.

Download Bullet Force MOD APK 1.88.1 (Unlimited Ammo) for android
Download Bullet Force for Android (Version 1.88.1)
XAPK (Unlimited Ammo)
Download from Google Play
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