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    May 26, 2022

Surely all of us have had a student life with more or less unforgettable “memories”. Now, with College Life, you will be able to relive the emotions of your years in school, because the game simulates the life of female students. Let’s Maxdroid explore College Life with us through the article below.

About College Life

As mentioned, College Life mainly revolves around the lives of female college students. Therefore, it is not too surprising that this game is labeled 18+, like its predecessors such as Booty Calls, 7 Angels, Booty Farm, or Fap CEO from the popular game publisher Nutaku. Because of being labeled this NSFW game genre, College Life has received a lot of attention and love since its release, especially from most men.

Although it debuted a long time ago, the charm of College Life is still very “hot”. Players can fully experience this game through downloading and installing from our website!

The plot is simple but engaging

Perhaps the plot of College Life is partly described through its name: student life. The game tells the story of a female student that is not peaceful when her university suddenly changes its head. The new principal is a strange and particularly difficult person. His goal is to control the women in the school and find a way to banish them from “the territory” – the scope of his school.

The storyline is pushed to the climax when the main character’s best friend is also in a similar situation and faces the risk of being expelled from school. It is at this time, that the main character of the game will decide to change the fate of himself as well as his friend, by taking down the “bossy” Principal.

The gameplay of College Life

Although labeled for adults (18+), College Life’s gameplay is quite similar to life simulation games. However, the topic here is more limited and revolves around the college environment of boys and girls. You can choose a character you want to play and gradually explore their lives, from their personal lives to the university environment.

Overall, College Life’s gameplay is quite interesting. The system provides a list of tasks, which you can review and run from the monitoring console. The quests in College Life are also really easy, such as creating posters to find a lost dog, visiting a friend’s house, buying an item, or buying new land.

Of course, the story expands as you progress through more missions. In doing so, the storyline will gradually expand. Thereby, you can get the opportunity to play many other characters.

In the right corner of the screen, you can see the avatars of the character you are playing. You just need to touch the corresponding avatar to switch between characters. Each of them has its own life and tasks to complete. Completing a quest will earn you bonuses, thereby unlocking more new items and areas.

Build your own “sanctuary”

In addition to the simulation element, College Life is also a constructive game. That means your character can build his own structures. These works are largely associated with the lives of the characters in College Life. You can see a series of cafes, beauty parlors, cinemas… appear in the game. Therefore, coming to College Life, you absolutely have the ability to build everything you want, and make this place your own ” sanctuary “.

Meet new friends in the game

During the experience, you will come into contact with other characters. They will be neighbors, friends from university, or professors. You can communicate with them by touching them, that’s how communication happens in College Life. Through the dialog box displayed on the screen, you will understand what the characters in the game are saying to each other. That way, you’ll be able to choose an answer and decide to reply to someone.

In addition, the game also has a relatively diverse new character system. They are all beautiful and charming girls. However, you need to unlock them in the game’s store section.

Unlock new lands

When you first join College Life, the area you live in is quite limited. However, as you engage in more quests and complete them, you can expand your neighborhood, making it easier to add new neighbors. Here, there are also many scenes that the publisher Nutaku has cleverly integrated in College Life. However, we won’t reveal it, but let you discover it for yourself!

College Life MOD APK version


Unlimited kisses: choose any building, choose to upgrade immediately, and get many kisses (Kisses – in-game currency). The number of kisses also does not decrease when buying in-game items.

Download College Life APK & MOD game for Android

College Life is a simulation game with an attractive theme and content. If you love this game, you can download the APK and MOD versions exclusively for Android systems HERE.

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