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Cookie Run: Kingdom MOD APK 3.1.102 (Unlimited Money)

Cookie Run: Kingdom
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Developer Devsisters Corporation
Version 3.1.102
Requires Android Android 5.0
Type MOD
Updated November 27, 2023 (7 months ago)
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Having a fierce fight while experiencing cute graphics, sounds impossible, right? But Cookie Run: Kingdom converges both of the factors mentioned above! If you want to know what this game is interesting, let’s explore it through the following article of Maxdroid!

Cookie Run: Kingdom

About Cookie Run: Kingdom

True to the slogan: mobile games, gaming is fun. Devsisters Corporation, a fairly famous game developer from Korea, has achieved much success with the Cookie Run series of games on this platform. Each game in the series shapes the way you play and makes your experience unique. Prominent among them is Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Background of the game Cookie Run: Kingdom

The story is about the confectionery kingdom, which gathers the sweetest and most delicious confectionery in the world. One day, the candy kingdom finds itself in peril when faced with an onslaught of hordes of ugly monsters. The kingdom’s mightiest heroes were defeated through barbaric sieges by monsters. They are getting stronger and more numerous. If nothing stopped them, they would soon take over the entire kingdom. You are the only warrior left and the kingdom’s last hope.

With his unyielding will, outstanding talent, and invincible fighting skills, he has carefully assembled the kingdom’s best cookie warriors to slay the monsters and rebuild the kingdom from threats. The responsibility of restoring the kingdom, and bringing peace and happiness to the people of the kingdom is heavy on you and the warriors.

Sweet but no less dramatic

“Sweet, but no less dramatic. Brilliant but not lacking in wild and violent moments” will be your feeling when playing Cookie Run: Kingdom from the very first level. You will be the leader, commander, scout, and talent collector. You will train and guide the hero on the way to destroy all monsters and protect every inch of the kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom takes you across vast lands in the Candy Kingdom. Each land encounters a series of powerful monsters, eventually ending with a super giant boss. The rule of thumb is that only if you win in this area can you unlock the next one. Therefore, you can only keep going and there is no way back.

Very attractive mission system

Besides the main task of gathering warriors and fighting to destroy monsters, Cookie Run: Kingdom also offers hundreds of difficult and easy “attached” tasks depending on the level. Sometimes it’s just choosing a guy. Some upgrades sometimes give your character special quests that appear as special seasonal events, giving you a chance to find new items and characters. But sometimes, the side quests cost you a lot of energy, forcing you to face a huge monster with terrible power, different from the bosses you have ever faced.

Besides the ability to fight, the leader in Cookie Run: Kingdom must also have the ability to build. Fighting all day wasn’t enough, monsters once repelled would attack in other ways wherever they went. Therefore, the two must fight and combine to rebuild the structures for the kingdom. So that after the war against the monsters, the country also had a chance to be fresh and prosperous again from time to time. This construction process is divided into different parts, and each building has a specific function. This is the area to drop weapons and produce upgraded equipment for warriors. Using resources for construction goes hand in hand with combat. In addition, maintaining the build speed will also make the warrior upgrade smoother and faster. When weapons, equipment, and troops are good enough and fast enough, the chances of victory also increase.

Cookie Run: Kingdom

Just fighting is not attractive enough

This Battle RPG has an impressive roster of warriors. Not only because of the beautiful, colorful appearance of cute friends but also because of the extraordinary strength that each character possesses. Each warrior has different advantages and disadvantages. And following the same RPG principle of classic role-playing games, we will have different character classes for the entire cast of characters in the game:

  • Warrior: Good offensive ability, usually at the top of the team. Specializing in melee attacks, closed armor with high physical damage.
  • Gunners: They are heroes who specialize in ranged attacks and can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time.
  • Mage: Ability to cast spells that deal damage in a large area. In team fights, mages help allies create effects or positions that benefit their side and effectively surround enemies.
  • Assassin: this type of warrior has the strongest attack speed, all of them are critical, once hit, you will win for sure. But the downside is that the damage range is short and the health is also very low.

Just like in a regular RPG, you need to understand the essence of all these classes before entering the battle. Only then can you find the right battle strategy and upgrade path.

Download Cookie Run: Kingdom APK for Android

It can be said that Cookie Run: Kingdom is a role-playing game combined with an attractive and new construction. The main character and the villain are extremely cute. Heroes are all sweet, colorful, and cute candies. Each hero has their own voice. Therefore, many of you are determined to leave the dark RPGs to return to this sweet and fresh world. If you love this game, download Cookie Run: Kingdom APK for Android.

Download Cookie Run: Kingdom MOD APK 3.1.102 (Unlimited Money)

4/5 (1 vote)

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