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Craft Master: Survival Battle MOD APK 1.0.2 (Free Rewards)

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    September 27, 2022

Craft Master: Survival Battle is a game developed by ABI Global LTD. The game offers dynamic and fun experiences to suit all ages. If you want to better understand this, take the time to read the article provided by Maxdroid right here.

Craft Master: Survival Battle Mod APK

Introduction to the game Craft Master: Survival Battle

Craft Master: Survival Battle belongs to the genre of survival games with action elements. When joining the game, you will find quests to hone your fighting skills. At the same time, to be able to fight the enemy, you must definitely use ingenuity and quick reaction speed.

The winner will be the last hero alive at the location. You need to use all the elements such as moving quickly or avoiding danger to survive. This seems simple, but it is not easy, because it requires players to be highly focused.

Developer ABI Global LTD has put a lot of effort into releasing Craft Master: Survival Battle. If you want to try your hand at a new game for entertainment in your free time, do not ignore this name. When you hesitate to join, you will most likely regret this choice of yours.

Attractive gameplay

Unlike other titles, Craft Master: Survival Battle has a distinct gameplay. Accordingly, you will face many challenges and dangers waiting ahead. Do not be afraid to experience, let’s start participating in the game with death mode.

At this point, you need to run as fast as possible, but remember to stay away from the obstacles. Because only then will you survive and move on to the next levels.

The obstacles in the game are very diverse. Typically the doors slide up and down, you need to wait for time to pass.

On the other hand, in other obstacles, you just need to run along the path. Above all, the operations of jumping over the box or running quickly through the water are also essential.

Lots of good games

The game also prepares you for many interesting tests from Turb lawn mower or chicken chase. At the same time, lava floors, glass bridges and many other games are also fully integrated. Each mode will be a way to test the player’s reaction speed and attention.

Craft Master: Survival Battle Mod APK
  • Game 1 – Fill in: When there are empty cells, you need to run to the empty square before the studs fall.
  • Game 2 – Chicken Chase: Try to bring as many chickens back to the coop as possible. You can steal chickens from your own enemies.
  • Game 3 – Turbo Lawn Mower: Use skills and strategy to win the lawn mower contest. Players need to stay away from the lawn mower at all angles.
  • Game 4 – Deadly Jaws: Run and avoid obstacles.
  • Game 5 – Hot Lava Floor: Just jump, you can pass the lava floor, but can you pass or not?
  • Game 6 – Glass Bridge: Remember exactly where you need to jump.
  • Game 7 – Test your strength.
  • Game 8 – Run or fall: This game is easy to learn but hard to master, so you need to run all the maps and try not to fall.
  • Game 9 – Matching: Instantly select the picture you see in the administrator’s hand and quickly jump to the title.

In general, the gameplay of Craft Master: Survival Battle is quite dynamic. You also find endless inspiration with colorful pixel art. Therefore, you just want to participate all day long, because the more you play, the more attractive it becomes.

Flexible custom game modes

The game Craft Master: Survival Battle also integrates many other mini games. Typically, you can move on a giant cylindrical beam. These cylinders consist of 5 parts with different rotational speeds and hidden dangers. At the same time, walls and gaps in those longitudinal reinforcements will cause you to fall.

On the other hand, the game also has a glass bridge, you need to step on them and run continuously. The process of moving along the platforms is gradually disappearing in hot lava. The main task is to keep the top position for as long as possible, then you will become the winner.

What makes players even more satisfied is the customization mode. In the process of participating in Craft Master: Survival Battle, you need to explore the world around you carefully. At the same time, do not forget to collect all available resources and craft. It is the hero customization function that increases the ability to fight and succeed in the race.

Graphics and sound add perfection to the game

Considering the graphics in Craft Master: Survival Battle, we continue to praise the game. The whole game has pixels that display beautiful colors such as blue, red, brown, yellow, orange,… clearly. This is also known as pixel technique with unique digital art.

The objects in the game are designed in 3D. Furthermore, special effects deliver bright and rich images. This is sure to become an entertaining game for your smartphone.

The game has fun music that plays during your participation. In particular, Craft Master: Survival Battle is also suitable for many different devices, for young people and adults.

Craft Master: Survival Battle Mod APK

Currently, Craft Master: Survival Battle has more than 100 million downloads. In the future, this number will continue to increase because of the attractiveness of the game.

Join the game, it’s also the time you practice your survival skills. When you win, you become the last man standing. Try in all levels to conquer the game.

The process of playing Craft Master: Survival Battle will be more complete thanks to the ad-blocking MOD feature. Accordingly, you have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the game without worrying about being interrupted. Best of all, it’s also easy to get free items without seeing ads.

MOD feature – No ads

All of the above will give gamers complete moments. At the same time, you also find more fun in the process of participating in Craft Master: Survival Battle.

Are you ready to join Craft Master: Survival Battle with amazing pixel art? In addition, the game also has an endless fun craft mode that gives you a lot of fun and excitement. Hurry up and download it now to discover this chaotic dead world for yourself.

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