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Crash of Cars 1.4.01 (MOD, Coins/Gems)

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  • Not Doppler
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    4.1 and up
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    April 14, 2020

Crash of Cars is a funny shooting, action and driving game for Android. In the game, you will participate in a chaotic driving playground, trying to stab or launch weapons to destroy enemies, win and unlock new cars.

Welcome to the Crash of Cars playground, a fascinating real-time crowded game. Unlike racing games that force players to compete against other gamers on straight roads, let avoid other cars and reach the finish first.

Crash of Cars Pilot

In Crash of Cars, you unleashed crashing directly into other enemy vehicles, smashing them into a heap of scrap iron. Your goal is to collect as many crowns as possible before being destroyed.

Developed by the father of the Earn to Die game, Crash of Cars is suitable for those who prefer to play crowded online or participate in fast-paced PvP matches. Players will enter an extremely fun car battle, stirring and engaging. You will experience the extremely dangerous vehicle screen, smashing enemy vehicles and receiving great rewards as a result of fighting efforts.

The longer you survive, the more cash players will receive from the successful car destruction process. Besides, the number of achievements you gain will be displayed on the hood,  help players determine the opponent you will confront. The more money you have, the more chance you’ll have for a driver to power up and improve the look that makes your opponent squint.


Like other IO games, the key is that you need to collect as much as possible that the game requires, here are the crowns. When the time is over, the player with the most crowns will win. Of course, other players are not easy to let you achieve your goals. They will try to stop you by … destroying your car and getting out of the game.

When the game starts, you only have a normal car. Upgrade it by collecting mysterious boxes and picking up weapons in it. There are many types of weapons including laser guns, rocket guns, grenade launchers, chainsaws, flamethrowers, … If you defeat the opponent, you can pick up the entire number of crowns of that player. So you can consider focusing on picking a crown or focusing on attacking other players.


Crash of Cars has 3D graphics with good image quality. Not too nice but the graphics quality of the game is enough to be addictive, and make players feel excited. There are many interesting places to visit with many beautiful scenes and bright colors. Currently, the game has 8 different maps. You can choose your favorite map before starting to find a match.


  • v6 large map for players to enjoy real-time crowded matches.
  • over 30 unlocked cars are classified according to 4 factors including popularity, rarity, strong-power, and legend.
  • over 30 skins for players to customize their car, choosing Pepperoni Skin for the Camper Van is a good choice.
  • 16 auxiliary weapons to upgrade vehicles including flamethrowers, artillery, stun guns and more.
  • Friends feature allows you to invite your friends to join the car chaos. Nothing is as fun as destroying your friends’ cars, defeating them right in the game.
  • Interesting mission system.
  • Spend hours playing to conquer the rankings. The game supports Google Play Service.
  • There is even single-player mode, online or offline play.
  • The developer will add new content shortly.


With a simple, intuitive control system, beautiful graphics, bright colors, Crash of Cars gives players the highest elation and fighting spirit. Download Crash of Cars to your computer and enjoy it now!

Features of Crash of Cars (MOD, Coins/Gems)

If you are looking for an art racing game, do not hesitate any longer without downloading immediately Crash of Cars mod apk to your computer. Besides the Crash of Cars version provided by the publisher Not Doppler, we will bring you the modified version of this game. Crash of Cars mod apk will change a little bit, so players can easily achieve the desired things in the game quickly. You will receive unlimited money and can buy all items in the shop including supercars and upgrades your car. With this version, you can completely overcome all levels of the game easily. Join Crash of Cars to explore a world of powerful supercars with spectacular technical performances.



Download Crash of Cars 1.4.01 (MOD, Coins/Gems) for android
Download Crash of Cars for Android (Version 1.4.01)
APK (MOD, Coins/Gems)
Download from Google Play
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