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    January 22, 2021

Fortnite is familiar to many players in the world, which has brought attractive battles to the gaming community. Besides, there are many games designed and built in the attractive style of Fortnite. One of the games that I would like to introduce to you today is Creative Destruction. This new game is designed quite similar to Fortnite and even it is on the mobile before Fortnite. This strategy has helped ZuoMasterDeveloper create a big trend in the mobile market in early 2018. Creative Destruction is built with many unique and new features, which also has many highlights than many games of the same genre. Creative Destruction promises to bring you more laughter and entertainment than expected. If you love Battle Royale games, do not miss Creative Destruction.

creative destruction apk data

How to play

Creative Destruction is an open-world action game. It is quite similar to other games of the same genre but was built in a completely new world. You will be joined in the battle with 99 other players on an island of 4×4 km and start the battle for becoming the last survivor. The island will be divided into 13 different lands such as forests, snow, desert… Your main task will still be to try to survive on this island with a lot of dangers from other players. You will fight like a lonely and powerful monster to win the glory.

The safety zone on the island is gradually shrunk by the dense snowstorms, in which you will need to quickly find your safe area to continue the battle. Although the island is dangerous, it also carries a huge inventory of weapons and items. You have to look for and collect the essentials for fighting and surviving. You should try to collect as many weapons as possible for the upcoming battles. If you defeat other players, you will steal a lot of things from him.

Creative Destruction also has a pretty similarity with Fortnite, which is destruction and building. Players can use their weapons to destroy buildings in the map and collect resources. You can break anything you encounter like trees, houses, cars, etc. Once you have the materials, you can use the drawings to make other buildings. This will greatly help you in the fight. You can create strong walls to stop the enemy fire, but be careful because enemies can destroy your buildings with powerful weapons. There is no absolutely safe place on the island, you can only use your own movement and combat skills to fight for your own life. Creative Destruction also supports players with a variety of vehicles, but you should be aware of them when other players will quickly recognize your position and attack you.

creative destruction apk data

The abundant and unique weapon collection

Creative Destruction possesses a huge arsenal of weapons with a lot of types that players can use freely. These weapons will cover a wide range of both classical and modern types. You can see the bullets normally fired or can see the bullets with powerful and beautiful effects. The abilities of these weapons are different because you need to search and explore the unique features of each weapon.

Their power is measured by many indicators. If you have not yet discovered the parameters of those weapons, you can recognize them through the colours. You can see colours like grey, green, blue, violet, orange. The more colourful weapons are, the stronger the weapon will be. Once you have discovered it long enough, you can see the parameters such as Power, Range, Accuracy, Stability, Firing Rate. Creative Destruction also supports additional items to increase the weapon’s power or reduce the sound while fighting.

creative destruction apk data

Key features

  1. Fighting in a large map up to 16 million square meters. The island is divided into 13 unique locations with many interesting and attractive buildings.
  2. Everything in the map can be destroyed and dismantled, in which you can also build your own works for supporting your battle. You can be creative in a wide and special world that depends on your imagination.
  3. There are 14 unique weapons that are divided into various types such as pistols, pistols, submachine guns, rifles and sniper rifles, etc. You can easily collect those guns around the map or looting when you knock down other players.
  4. Creative Destruction will bring a rich and varied gameplay. In addition to the classic Battle Royale mode, players can participate in many game modes in specific time periods. Sometimes, interesting events bring the player a new gaming experience.
  5. The game develops a comprehensive system that integrates with many functions such as Season, Friend, Look, Supply, Gallery, Chat, etc. Players will have almost everything needed in the game.

creative destruction apk data

The improved graphics

If more than one game of the same genre chooses authenticity and slightly darker background to express the severity of the battle, Creative Destruction chooses a bright colour scheme and animated characters which is bright and cheerful. This is quite similar to Fortnite. This element has attracted more players with its humour. When you die, you will fly up to the sky with two balloons and waving to say goodbye to your enemies. Creative Destruction will be a difference to the games of the same genre as the fun it can bring. Although it is built with pretty graphics, the game is well optimized for low-end mobile devices, with which you can experience the game very well. Creative Destruction may be a good choice for the rumour that there has a lot of bugs and lag on Fortnite or PUBG on mobile devices.


With the development of many games, it is difficult to find a good game that matches your style. But Creative Destruction will be one of the most expecting games this year. If you are using a smart mobile phone, do not miss this fascinating game. Please pin this article to be able to download the latest version of Creative Destruction on your mobile, and do not forget to evaluate this game! Thanks and have a fun game!

Download Creative Destruction APK 2.0.5001 for Android for android
Download Creative Destruction for android (Version 2.0.5001)
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Download from Google Play
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