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Darkness Rises APK Version 1.20.0

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    4.4 and up
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    October 27, 2019

Darkness Rises Mobile is a new generation A-RPG mobile game project developed by NEXON from 2016 to the present. Compared to other games of the same genre, the game possesses 3D graphics belongs to the extremely terrible category on mobile. It development by advanced Unreal Engine 4 technology, accompanied by a fierce tight-cut gameplay and gives you a combat style experience. The game follows a very interesting storyline.

General introduction

Darkness Rises still follows the tradition, in the name of the war between mankind and the forces of darkness. We will play as mighty warriors to destroy evil. Protect peace for the world.

The story derives  from the battle between angels and demons thousands of years ago. In that fierce battle, before the more overwhelming strength of the demon king faction. A top deity named Kad-el sacrificed himself to seal the demons to the underworld, and many years later, on the land that was once the battlefield, forming a kingdom called Losteria. This was once the domain of the orc race monsters. The people here have used weapons to chase them and take this fertile land. From there, the battle between humans and the orcs began to occur. It seemed that the war was just for land, but in fact, a dark force from thousands of years ago was lurking and slowly growing up, waiting for the return …


Regarding the character system, the game Darkness Rises brings 4 main classes including Warrior, Wizard, Assassin and Gladiator. Each character class possesses a unique set of skills and plays different roles in each match. Besides, the game also allows players to customize the character’s appearance. This is a highlight that most games of the same genre recently launched do not have.

In addition to the basic elements of role-playing games, Darkness Rises also has a very unique Guild system where veteran gamers can help  new members.

Especially, the game Darkness Rises also allows players to ride on bosses or monsters that you have defeated in that screen. There will be game levels, you destroy a ferocious dragon, and use magic to revive it as a mount for you. Now with a completely new skill, and the amount of damage increased, you are free to sweep everything along the way.

In addition to factors in terms of image quality, sound, graphics, … Then the quality of the rotation when playing games is also a huge highlight. Different from previous versions, Darkness Rises has taken it to a new level. Through the application of the 3rd perspective combined with the support of near and far camera support. With this change, gamers can see first-hand the close-ups of dramatic combos as well as limit the inconvenience when only seeing the character from above.

Darkness Rises Features

  • Fight the boss: Take part in challenging boss battles, test your skills when you venture deeper into the abyss.
  • Stunning graphic images: With the application of state-of-the-art Unreal Engine 4 technology, Darkness Rises wears a huge 3D coat, bringing beautiful frames to every detail. Thanks to that, the player will feel like playing PC games
  • Breakthrough gameplay: Use your soul’s control to take control of monsters and turn your enemies against themselves.
  • Many attractive game modes: Darkness Rises has a total of 3 modes: PvP, Co-op and PvE. In PvE, there are 5 other features including: Story, Adventure, Gold Dungeon, Daily Dungeon and Infinity Tower.

Darkness Rises Overview

Darkness Rise is easy to play and does not feature plowing. As long as you complete the copies and follow the storyline, you will have enough equipment that is not inferior to other players. Quality graphics, combined with the smoothness of the game, bring a feeling of extreme excitement. This is the biggest plus point of the game, helping to create extremely beautiful combo sequences. Diverse game features, help us not be too bored when playing games.

If you want to experience this game,  just download the apk file we provided, then install and enjoy the game.

Download Darkness Rises APK Version 1.20.0 for android
Download Darkness Rises APK Version 1.20.0 (Version 1.20.0)
Download from Google Play
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