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Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK 3.11.1 (High Damage, All Sub Quests Completed)

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  • BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
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    6.0 and up
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    January 2, 2022

Dragon Ball Legends is a real-time PvP fighting game with impressive 3D graphics. The game is exploited by publisher Bandai Namco based on the famous Dragon Ball series. Surely this game will bring you a great experience. Now, let’s Maxdroid learn about Dragon Ball Legends and Dragon Ball Legends mod apk version to see its attractive features.

Dragon Ball Legends

About Dragon Ball Legends game

Dragon Ball is the name of a very popular comic and cartoon series, and it has been associated with the childhood of many people. If you are in this generation, you will probably love this popular manga. Perhaps you have always dreamed of having the same power as famous characters like Songoku or Piccolo…

If you are already a fan of Dragon Ball, you will surely be delighted when game publisher Bandai Namco launches the Dragon Ball Legends game that is inspired by this manga. This game was first known when it was introduced at the GDC conference.

Currently, there are many Dragon Ball-themed games on the market. However, there are very few games that offer the same appeal to players as Dragon Ball Legends. Since its launch, this game has gained a large number of players who love and participate in playing.

The plot of Dragon Ball Legends

The plot of the Dragon Ball Legends game closely follows the original version. It is about the adventure of finding the dragon ball of the boy Songoku with his friends. Along the way of his adventure, Songoku constantly trains to help himself become stronger while punishing the bad guys. And in the end, it was he who helped save the world from doom.

Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends has similar gameplay to One Piece: Bounty Rush, another Bandai product. When participating in this game, players will play the role of a character in Dragon Ball to participate in adventures and fight with others.

There will be many dangers waiting for you ahead. It requires you to destroy all those who stand in your way and find victory. Players must learn to use all the skills of the character in the most proficient way, and combine the most effective to create strength. Coming to Dragon Ball Legends, you will be able to use any moves in the comics that you have ever wished for.

How does Dragon Ball Legends have a character system?

Coming to Dragon Ball Legends, players will encounter a very familiar character system such as Songoku, Son Gohan, Vegeta, Krillin, Cell … and many other characters. Each character has its own unique moves. When fighting, you need to calculate how much of your health can withstand the opponent’s moves.

In addition to the above character system, Dragon Ball Legends also has a mysterious character. Many people made predictions that it could be a superhero with Saiyan blood. It is also speculated that it could be Yanoshi – the first Saiyan to turn into a Super Saiyan. However, whoever it is, the player cannot know what task he has and what role he plays in this game. Let’s also play the game to find out the answer.

Dragon Ball Legends

The control in the game is also quite simple because it has been optimized for mobile devices with the console. Players will take a few minutes to get used to and manipulate smoothly during the game. Dragon Ball Legends currently has two game modes: offline and PvP. The skills in the game will be opened by the card system. Thanks to that, players can combine many skills together to increase strength.

Graphics of the game Dragon Ball Legends

Graphics of the game Dragon Ball Legends have nothing to criticize. Because it possesses extremely sharp 3D graphics with beautiful and bright colors. The character system in the game is shaped like the character in the original version. Players can both experience the game and feel like they are watching a famous cartoon for a while. The sound of the game is also created very meticulously, the character is very well-known and the dialogue is like in the game.

What features does the Dragon Ball Legends mod apk version have?

Many people will be surprised when a hot game like Dragon Ball Legends also owns an apk mod version. Not only that, this mod version is also very quality with features such as:

  • Completed questions
  • One hit
  • 1 Kill Win

Download Dragon Ball Legends Mod apk game for Android devices

If you are a fan of the Dragon Ball comic or cartoon series, surely you cannot ignore the Dragon Ball Legends game. Dragon Ball Legends will definitely bring you interesting things. Download the Dragon Ball Legends mod apk version to experience it right away.

Download Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK 3.11.1 (High Damage, All Sub Quests Completed) for android
Download Dragon Ball Legends for Android (Version 3.11.1)
APK (High Damage)
Download from Google Play
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