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Dragon Quest Builders MOD APK 1.1.0 (Unlocked, Free)

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    September 10, 2022

Are you brave enough to fight against the dark forces of Dragon Quest Builders? If so, take up your weapons to begin this challenging journey, and navigate the vast maze full of traps all around you. Fight dangerous villains that can put your life at risk, and win hundreds of valuable rewards. Let’s explore this game through Maxdroid‘s below the article!


About Dragon Quest Builders

We all know many extremely famous and high-quality products from the publisher SQUARE ENIX. And one of the mobile game legends is Dragon Quest Builders. The game is well invested in both graphics and plot. Dragon Quest Builders gives us a ride in depth with different characters. Of course, it will come with many tough challenges for you. Maneuvering and thinking must be very sharp to succeed. The more you play, the more you will not be able to take your eyes off the screen because it is too attractive.

Explore the journey to save the kingdom

The Dragon Lord has resurrected and begins his evil plan to rule the kingdom. All kings and soldiers could do nothing against its power. Fortunately, you were there in time, a hero with outstanding strength and physicality. We have to go into the labyrinth, which is ancient ruins, this maze will contain items that you can collect. We have to think about many things and figure out how to achieve them. Don’t forget that enemies will also be sent to destroy you in some way. Fight and defeat them if necessary to open a new path for yourself.

Scary monster

What you encounter most is definitely the dragon lord’s monster minions. They are diverse in both species and numbers, dominating different regions. You will meet slimes, golems, dragons, flamethrowers, and many other types of monsters. Each species has its own characteristics that give you an extreme “headache” to deal with. Be careful not to give them a chance to deal damage and lower your HP. If you feel capable, choose to fight, otherwise, you can run. Surely once we have strong weapons, it will be much easier to fight them. The closer to the final chapters, the more dangerous the monster will be.


Weapon Search

There are many different materials with unique shapes in Dragon Quest Builders. These simple items can be combined to create a variety of exotic weapons. You can build on these collected things to create useful things. Various weapons such as bows, crossbows, swords, and axes can be crafted.

In addition, you can also upgrade this weapon by finding the necessary materials. Materials are often rare and quite difficult for you to find. To defeat the monster, go and fight with all the strength you have. It’s the tool that will get you through anything in Dragon Quest Builders.

Freedom to build

In addition to the challenge modes, you can totally experiment with the creative freedom mode. This mode gives the player the right to use the game’s materials to build new buildings of any size as large you want. Build villages, even cities to manage them according to your will. Build defensive towers to fight against dark mythical creatures in the great swamps. Proceed to unlock huge wastelands. With your mission, the main character – you will put your imagination into all the blocks of the game. This is how we develop wisdom and advance it every day.

Explore the in-game map

Each chapter of the game is divided into new ruins that are filled with secrets. These mysteries have random pros and cons for you. Players must improvise with new situations to survive and escape. As you complete the level, more stories will be unlocked. NPCs play an important role in guiding you along the way to your success. Let’s see how you will face becoming a legend in this world. The Dragon Quest Builders mod is waiting for adventurers to come to try it out.

Main features of the game

Help the kingdom’s inhabitants rebuild their ravaged lands, and prove you’re a Builder and a Warrior in the process. The more you do for others, the more gratitude and praise you will receive.


In Dragon Quest Builders, you will find a lot of alternatives for building huge skyscrapers.

Furthermore, you can grow, craft, and cook new things on each island thanks to a unique combination of resources. The recipes you discover along the way will help you become a better builder.

Dragon Quest Builders MOD APK version

MOD feature

The MOD feature of Dragon Quest Builders from the website will give you a much more complete experience, as you can “solo” with monsters comfortably without worrying about being defeated.

Download Dragon Quest Builders MOD APK for Android

Explore, adventure and experience. These are extremely interesting things in Dragon Quest Builders that you should do to relax after stressful working moments. Let’s download the MOD APK version of the game HERE!

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