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Download Dream League Soccer 2019 Mod APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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    August 21, 2019

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. The game always brings different emotions to the viewer from the nervous, stress and cheerful when scoring the goal. Many game developers around the world have invested in producing fantastic quality football games. Today, we would like to introduce to you a great game called Dream League Soccer. This is known as the name, Dream League Soccer 2018. At this time, it will appear under the name, Dream League Soccer 2019. Dream League Soccer allows players to build their dream team. This game has a lot of interesting features for the players. Although it has been through many seasons, it still attracts many players in the world. Most of the players are satisfied with Dream League Soccer. It has gradually created the popular brand for the manufacturer, First Touch Games Ltd. In this article, we will together learn more about the key features, gameplay and the highlights in Dream League Soccer 2019 Mod Apk.

Dream League Soccer 2019 mod apk

How to play and control

Dream League Soccer is a leading football game developed over many years, which has been very familiar to many players. You can participate in the football match, which was built in a very real and lively way. Dream League Soccer is fully compliant with the rules of football. You will control a team of 11 players, but that will not be the case as you will only be allowed to control one player, who will do tasks like a real player in a football game. You will have to control them to take the ball, pass the ball, shoot the ball… When you control a player the remaining 10 players will play automatically under the control of intelligent AI. To control your game the best, you need to constantly switch the control of the players and follow the ball to gain control. Once you have the ball, you have to do the coordination between the players and score goal.

Dream League Soccer will still use the basic virtual keyboard controls. You will easily familiarize with these operations very quickly. At the bottom left of the screen, you will see a button to control the direction. You can hold and drag to control the direction of movement of the player. On the right side, there are three basic keys including A, B, C. The functions of each key will vary depending on whether your player holds the ball or not.

  • The key A: The key A is for shooting when the ball is under your team’s control. If the opposing team has the ball, the key A will play as a tackle key.
  • The key B: If your team has the ball, you can press the key B to pass. If the opposing team has the ball, the key B will help your players to follow and dispute the ball.
  • The key C: If your team has the ball, the key C will be a high passing or a pass to the ball. If the opposing team has the ball, the key C will change your player to help you follow the ball better.

Dream League Soccer 2019 mod apk

The interesting features of the game

  1. The game was licensed by FIFPro ™, which brings the original experience to football fans. You can easily customize and control your team. You can also create your own club with special features to get more good abilities for your team. In addition, you can also build the strongest team and bring your players to the world’s top competitive tournaments with multiple AI tournaments or with other players around the world.
  2. The player exchange system brings a lot of good players for you to choose from. You just prepare the money to be able to immediately get the superstar players or the football legends. You can also bring players you own to training to improve your performance.
  3. There are many tournaments and events held with the participation of many players. You can find a lot of attractive rewards and glory for your team. Dream League Soccer also has a Google Play leaderboard so you can see who the top coaches are in the world.
  4. Dream League Soccer provides players with the special installation system. Players can freely set up and offer settings to personalize the game. You can install a lot of exciting elements such as games, images, sounds, controls and other advanced settings that bring a good gaming experience.

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Dream League Soccer 2019 mod apk

The requirements for installing Dream League Soccer mod apk

Dream League Soccer mod (Money) is a modified version that gives players a lot of money in the game. You can use that money to upgrade and buy the players. Dream League Soccer mod apk will be installed with apk and obb files. If you do not know how to install it, you can refer to the following steps to complete the game:

  1. Download the apk and obb files of the game at the bottom of this article.
  2. Open the download folder and copy the obb file to the folder /sdcard/android/obb. (Note: You may need to accept the game installation from an unknown source.). You can completely believe in our link.
  3. Unzip the obb file to the folder that you copied.
  4. Go back to the download directory and click the APK file to start the game installation.
  5. After finishing, you can open and enjoy the game.

Dream League Soccer 2019 mod apk


Dream Soccer Soccer has a very good design for many different types of mobile devices. You can easily see many bright and beautiful images when joining the game. The visuals of the game are real animation with HD quality. The image of the players will tend to be more like cartoon characters than real players. In addition to this, the game has exclusive sound systems provided by The Luka State, Sunset Sons, Beth Thornton, Jack Wins, Vistas, etc.


Overall, Dream League Soccer is a great game, which has been proven over the years by many players. Whether you are a beginner or have ever played it, let’s quickly download it to enjoy the exciting and interesting features. Dream League Soccer mod apk (Money) is also worth a try, with plenty of money so that you can comfortably spend without worrying about costs. Please visit our website regularly for more cool games and applications. Do not forget to evaluate Dream League Soccer in this article. Thanks and have a great gaming time!

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