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FAR: Lone Sails APK 1.31 Download for android

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    November 15, 2020

FAR: Lone Sails is an adventure game by vehicle. On a unique ship, you travel across an arid ocean which follows the trail of a once thriving civilization. Overcoming many obstacles and dangerous weather, you need to keep your ship continuing its journey.

Get on your ship

When starting the game, go right and enter the house. Here, you will learn how to activate the buttons. Buttons are a major part of the development process in Far: Lone Sails. So pay attention to the world and look for buttons to move things forward.

The controls in the Far are easy to spot. You can use W, A and D to move and jump. Or press the Right, Left and Up arrow keys on your keyboard. You can also press V to pick up and hold items, press V again to drop them.

FAR: Lone Sails gameplay

Go through the house, and activate the button to open the way to the upper floors. Go upstairs, grab a lantern from the bedroom, then you’ll learn how to enlarge your character by pressing X.

Drop down through the right hole on the floor and through the closet. Continue out of the house and out on the porch. From here, continue straight down the path until you reach your ship.

Functions of ship

The ship is your main means of transportation in the game Far: Lone Sails. And you’ll find a few upgrades to it along the way.

First, there is the Energy Meter. This tells you how much fuel your ship has. There are three buttons you need to know. There’s a Steam button just above a button. This is where excess steam from the engine will accumulate. You will need to press the button here to remove it. If you let Steam get to a higher level about halfway through, you can press the button and get a bit of a speed boost from everything.

Next is the Speed indicator. This tells you how fast you are going. It is only really useful when you’re trying to hit the “top speed” achivement. However, please keep an eye on it. There is also a button next to it. This is the Engine button. You will need to press it down, and monitor it to keep the steam engine running. It won’t stay the whole time, so you’ll have to manage it, as well as the Steam levels.

Finally, the third button for this zone is Brake. It immediately makes the ship stop. It can be helpful if you come across items that you will use for fuel. Or if you are about to collide with an immovable object like a gate or some other object.

Getting your sails

Steam engine is not the only way to keep your ship moving in Far. After a few minutes of riding a horse, you will reach a large crane. This is where you will get the sails for your ship. The sail is another item that you need to manage and repair when needed.

You will not have to worry about arranging everything correctly, as the game will do it for you. When the ship stops, hop in the elevator, go to the top, and then climb onto the crane. Go inside, and you will find a button to sail down to your ship.

With the sails on the ship and the sails attached, it’s time to learn how to use them. Like everything else in Far: Lone Sails, the sails are controlled with the push of a button. However, this button will not work unless you encounter anything and ruin them. You will find the button for the sail right where the sail attaches to the ship. Go ahead and tap it now to activate the sails.

You can know when there is wind that your sails can take advantage of. To do that, pay attention to the red flag on your ship. When it waves its hand forward to the right, activate the sails to conserve fuel in your steam engine. At the same time still allowing you to move forward.

Move the propellers of the ship

Continue moving your ship, until it stops because a large propeller gets in the way. When you reach this area, exit from the back of your ship and go through the hole in the stairs. From here, keep going down, and cross the path until you reach the other side.

Here, you’ll find a button that you can press to make the propeller fall off the path. Go up the stairs on the right, then return to your ship, and reactivate the sails to continue forward. Make sure you get the boxes and other items here before proceeding. That way, you won’t run out of fuel anytime soon.

Most of your time in Far: Lone Sails will be used to micro-manage your resources. At the same time, keep your ship operating in state-of-the-art conditions.

Cross the bridge

Your next destination will be a giant bridge blocked by a large metal weight. You will need to release this weight to continue across the bridge and continue your journey.

Get off the train, remember to lower the sail so that the train won’t take off without you. There’s a crate here that you can take, put it on your ship before you forget it. Grab the crate nearby, and cross the bridge to a small wooden shed on the other side. There’s a small generator here to raise the bridge. Drop the crate in, then press the button to activate the crate.

Get the other crate from here and go back to the bridge. There is also a lantern on this side of the bridge. So you can take it for more light or fuel. With the items that are pulled, go back to the left side of the bridge.

There is another button you need to activate here. Step on it, the bridge will descend to clear the road. Drop off the bridge, get on your ship, then activate the steam engine to continue crossing it.

Now all you have to do is continue on your way. Cross the bridge, keep pushing forward and continue your journey.

The graphic design and sound

The game is developed on Unity. Developers use Blender, Adobe Photoshop for 3D and 2D graphics respectively. Therefore, the image and sound of the game are quite eye-catching and attractive.


FAR: Lone Sails is a simple but equally interesting adventure game. The game is very suitable for those who love adventure alone and simplicity. Download the game right now to experience interesting moments of relaxation! Visit our website regularly to discover more cool games and do not forget to leave your review of the game! Have a fun game!

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