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Find The Differences-The Detective (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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    4.1 and up
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    June 24, 2020

Find The Differences – Detective is an interesting puzzle game, located in the Find the Differences series of 10P Studio, many people interested in this game. Keep checking your eyesight by finding all the differences between the two pictures!

Find The Differences - The Detective

General introduction

The detective in Find The Differences: Detective needs your help to solve some deadlock cases. Players will be participating in surveys, with various challenges, full of interesting surprises.


The difference-finding game has a gameplay that is very familiar and sometimes boring, but Find Differences: Detective will definitely bring you a new experience, because the game has extremely interesting content. You will be drawn to the plot of investigations. Each case has its own unique running away, challenges, and surprises.

The detective needs your help solving some difficult cases. Expose your detective skills, by collecting clues and different points of the pairs for a limited time. The difficulty of each case is different, as the later the picture gets more detailed.

That makes players struggle to “scrutinize” and discover the difference between them.

To make investigating easier, you should localize the small component scene, and compare the two pictures. Observe carefully and quickly collect clues. After finding the necessary clues, the case is broken and you move to a new level. If you are stuck at any level, you can use the money to buy hints to overcome that difficulty. Money earned through completing levels, watching ads or buying with real money.

Find The Differences - The Detective


Join the game, your task is to find all the differences between the two pictures, at first glance, you will think that they are exactly the same.

Find The Differences: Detective has more than 20 different cases, and each case requires the player to find a certain number of clues. The game requires you to have a keen eye, pay attention to details, small details, from the difference in color, position, to the direction of placing objects … to solve the problem. .

The gameplay is also extremely simple. To point out the difference, simply touch the spot with the other difference on either picture. If true, it will be circled in green, if it is incorrect, a red “X” will appear.

Each play screen limited to 1 minute and 58 seconds, so players need to find it fast. For every wrong touch, you will be deducted 30 seconds. So, never think of touching miscellaneous on every position in the picture to have a chance to win.

Through each level, the difficulty level of the game Find The Differences: Detective for Android will also increase gradually. Later, the picture became more detailed, the differences were smaller and well hidden in a place that very few people noticed. Therefore, if not focused and keen eye, players take more time to find more.


  •  Find 5 clues within a limited time.
  •  20 cases need you to solve, and new content will be constantly updated in the game.
  •  More than 1000 different puzzles and situations.
  •  Use the hint option to provide some clues.
  •  Colorful pictures.
  •  The game is free for you to download and play.

What’s in Find The Differences – The Detective (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Besides Find The Differences – The Detective provided by the publisher Ace Viral, we will bring you the modified version of this game. Find The Differences – The Detective mod apk will change a little bit, so players can easily achieve the desired things in the game quickly. Normally, you will have to overcome a lot of levels to get more money. Instead, in Find The Differences – The Detective mod apk, you are given a lot of money to spend as you like. You can buy everything in the shop, as well as use all the features in the game at will without worrying about the price. Find The Differences – The Detective mod apk helps you save a lot of time and costs in the game. Along Find The Differences – The Detective mod apk helps the detective solve mysterious cases.


Although this game belongs to the category of puzzle games, but it does not force you to work with your brain too much, mainly training your eye skills. Therefore, the game Find The Differences Detective is highly entertaining, suitable for you to relieve stress in your spare time. Download the free game to your computer and play it!


Download Find The Differences-The Detective (MOD, Unlimited Money) for android
Download Find The Differences -The Detective for android (Version 1.4.7)
APK (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Download from Google Play
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