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Fire Strike MOD APK 3.34 (Menu: No Recoil/Spread/Aim Assist)

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    August 7, 2022

Fire Strike – Gun Shooter MOD is the ultimate electronic shooter combined with engaging battles. If you are passionate about shooting games, try Fire Strike – Gun Shooter FPS. Let’s discover the special things that make this game more and more popular, through the following article of Maxdroid!

About Fire Strike – Gun Shooter

Fire Strike – Gun Shooter will “throw” you into battle, and you are the superhero defending this great city. This is a top-notch electronic action shooting game that comes together to make perfect battles. The city has strange attackers, and you have to face them by chasing them or attacking them to get them out of the city where they live. The game will provide you with the most advanced weapons and vehicles available today to join the match.

Fire Strike – Gun Shooter FPS MOD APK

Fire Strike – Gun Shooter FPS MOD is an action shooting game where 5v5 matches take place in 5 to 7 minutes. Upgrade your gear and weapons, and use them with special tactics to try to survive. There are a lot of maps in the game and you need to research carefully to turn them into your weapon.

Fire Strike: Gun Shooter FPS has 2 games: an FPS game in which fights take place against players from all over the world; FFA Game: Where conflicts take place between 5 or 10 players, whether they are your friends or acquaintances.

The plot of Fire Strike – Gun Shooter

The city you live in suddenly appears to some strange people, and they have dangerous actions that can affect everyone. More specifically, they carry guns and shoot innocent people on the street. In fact, their action was to take the city and make it a colony. And obviously, the opposite of evil is justice, and you are one of the people in this alliance of justice against these criminals.

Now you must summon the warriors of the city, and fight together to protect this peaceful city. Players must clearly define their goals and actions to minimize the number of deaths. Since it’s an FPS game, your aiming skill is the most important skill. Try to destroy as many enemies as possible.

Become a strategist

You need to break down your goals and course of action clearly for your teammates to understand. The player must use all the appropriate weapons to attack these enemies. Fire Strike is here to help, no matter what kind of ammunition or weapon you want. The game also helps you to upgrade your weapons to the most advanced type to fight against all these enemies.

Fire Strike – Gun Shooter FPS MOD APK

In the modern first-person perspective, the player must align the barrel to hit the enemy in order to shoot. Each battle becomes extremely fierce when the forces of the two sides as well as the firepower of each team are balanced. You can use the radar section displayed on the left corner of the screen to find out where the enemy is hiding. If you want to win easily, you must master all the terrain in the city, thereby taking advantage of many advantages.

The attractions of the game

One by one, the villains appear, and that’s the worry that every fighter on the side of justice must face. The people of the city are increasingly afraid of these extremely barbaric killing actions of the enemy. Quickly mobilize forces to attack them before they continue to kill innocent people.

Many types of weapons have been provided to players. More specifically, Fire Strike – Gun Shooter also adds “fast running”. The use of extremely sharp 3D images along with vivid sound creates an attractive visual for this game. Players will be stunned by the advanced weapons they will receive in each battle.

Play without paying

In today’s games, you often have to pay to become stronger. However, Fire Strike Online never wanted to do that. Paying only gets you better skin, nothing more. You can completely accumulate to buy the weapons you like.

Fire Strike – Gun Shooter FPS MOD APK

The character will come entirely from the hard work you have. There is no imbalance in the game, everyone is equal. Create a healthy environment like CSGO on PC. Everyone has the right to work hard to achieve their goals. Is that enough to make you fall in love with this game?

Many good modes in Fire Strike – Gun Shooter

The attractive modes also create a feeling of diversity for players when coming to Fire Strike – Gun Shooter. Currently, there are a total of four game modes and more modes will be added in the future. The first is combat, this is the most classic mode that allows two sides to attack and destroy each other to earn points.

Next is the survival mode where you have to survive and face all the players. The third is the bomb mode that the police are trying to protect, and the terrorist is trying to plant the bomb. Finally, the arms race mode allows you to continuously improve your weapons.

MOD APK version of Fire Strike – Gun Shooter

MOD feature

Menu, No recoil/Stupid Enemies: with the MOD APK Fire Strike – Gun Shooter version provided by WEB NAME, you will experience many “cool” features such as “no recoil” guns.

Download MOD APK Fire Strike – Gun Shooter for Android

Fire Strike – Gun Shooter MOD is an attractive shooting game. Join your friends in dramatic battles, and try to survive these battles to become the winner.

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