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Mighty Party: Magic Arena
Mighty Party: Magic Arena MOD APK 1.87 (Unlimited Money)
Mighty Party: Magic Arena is a tactical game with a fantasy world and majestic-looking enemies worth taking on. Players will use the cards at their disposal to defeat their enemies with terrifying magic. Let’s explore this game through the post below of Maxdroid! About Mighty Party: Magic Arena If you are looking for a fast-paced […]
Dawn of Titans
Dawn of Titans MOD APK 1.42.0 (Free Shopping)
Dawn of Titans is a game built on an ancient setting, leading players to unique play spaces and engaging in dramatic battles. You will fight a series of dangerous enemies and use high-damage weapons to take them all down. Besides, it is necessary to master the skills to come up with good tactics to win. […]
Gangpire: Fire & Fury MOD APK 1.7.0 (Damage/Defense Multiplier)
If you live in a crime city, you and other citizens are oppressed by criminals, what will you do? You will surely muster your strength to defeat this criminal gang, right? In Gangpire: Fire and Fury, you will engage in an intense battle with the most notorious criminals. Let’s Maxdroid explore this game through our […]
Warlings 2: Total Armageddon
Warlings 2: Total Armageddon MOD APK 2.3.1 (Unlimited Money)
Strategy games for mobile phones are always extremely attractive, especially for gamers who like to use their “brain”. However, those must be games with really attractive storylines and gameplay. Understanding this mentality of the majority of gamers, today Maxdroid would like to introduce to you an extremely interesting game – Warrens 2: Total Armageddon. Let’s check […]
Empire Warriors: RPG Games
Empire Warriors: RPG Games MOD APK 2.4.79 (Free Purchase)
If you are a fan of strategy games with Tower Defense style, Empire Warriors: Offline RPG will be something you should not ignore. The game has addictive gameplay with lots of interesting challenges. Empire Warriors: Offline RPG features powerful heroes, unique towers, epic challenges, and funny moments. Get ready for tower defense battles in Empire […]
Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest
Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest MOD APK 3.7.8 (Unlimited Money / Gems)
The Warhammer universe has no shortage of legendary heroes, but when you come to Warhammer: Chaos and Conquest, you will experience the lives of villains. Transform into the sinister Chaos Lord and use your powers to destroy human cities! Let’s explore one of the best strategy games today with Maxdroid! About Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest […]
Last Hope TD
Last Hope TD MOD APK 4.0 (Unlimited Money)
There are many tower defense games available for many platforms and devices. These games are popular because they are easy to play, challenging, and fun for most people. Thousands of tower defense games with different themes have appeared in recent years. If you are a lover of tower defense games, Last Hope TD is one […]
Empire Defense TD Offline Game mod apk for android
Empire Defender TD MOD APK 2.18.0 (Unlimited Money)
Empire Defender TD: Game Offline Mod Apk is a tactical fighting game with intense and appealing tactics in each battle. Despite the fact that it was only just released, it has sparked a massive surge in the Vietnamese game market. This game offers a lot of great defense and offensive features, as well as engaging […]
Forge of Empires MOD APK 1.240.14 (Unlimited Diamonds/Everything)
Forge of Empires is a strategy game produced and published by InnoGames. The game was released in 18 different languages, and right after its release, the game attracted more than 10 million people to sign up and try it out. So where does the attraction of Forge of Empires come from? Please find out about […]
Game of Warriors MOD APK 1.4.6 (Unlimited Coins)
Game of Warriors is a tower defense game made specifically for mobile phones. This game has created a great attraction right from the time it was released. Its interesting points are originality, drama, and attraction. When experiencing this game, you can become a great leader who heads an army with millions of people. And it […]
The Walking Dead: Survivors MOD APK 3.12.1 (One Hit, No Skill CD)
The Walking Dead: Survivors is a strategy game that is extremely attractive and highly addictive. This game is developed by Galaxy Play Technology Limited. Here, you will experience extreme adventure with many challenges and battles. Along with that, you also get to meet many legendary characters infamous cartoons. Now, let’s go with maxdroid to find […]
West Game
West Game MOD APK 4.6.0 (Unlimited Coin)
The Wild West is a ruthless place where only the strongest survive. If you want to thrive in West Game, you’ll have to train yourself to fight. The way to do this is to nurture and train an army of loyal cowboys to defeat your enemies. Like in many other conquest games, in West Game, […]
Baahubali: The Game
Baahubali: The Game MOD APK 1.0.105 (Unlocked)
Baahubali: The Game is a real-time strategy game just like Clash of Clans. In it, you must build an empire full of powerful warriors that are capable of defeating any enemy. Above all, you will have to build associates to repel the attacks of rival empires. Baahubali: The Game is a fun strategy and management […]
Boom Beach APK MOD
Boom Beach MOD APK 44.243 (Unlimited Money)
In Boom Beach, your mission is to fight off the Blackguards that attack the local islanders. To do this, you will need to build up a defensive force before going to the neighboring islands, and helping the locals regain their legal possessions. With scarce resources and a minimal army, you will need to spend your […]
Lords Mobile – Gamota MOD APK 2.85 (Auto PVE, VIP Unlock)
Lords Mobile – Gamota is a game developed by IGG.COM. This game belongs to the genre of strategy games. You can check out all the apps from the developer of this game. And you can find 43 alternatives to Lords Mobile – Gamota on Android. Currently, this app is free, you can download it on […]
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower MOD APK 2.1002 (Unlimited Money)
Back in 2016, Games Workshop announced that they would come back with a series of board games called ‘Warhammer Quest‘. The player will choose a hero and fight through an RPG. However, they play in a traditional style rather than direct confrontation. This is what Warhammer has mostly been known for. The first title for […]
About Stick War: Legacy
Stick War: Legacy MOD APK 2022.1.32 (Unlimited Gems)
Stick War: Legacy is one of the popular and highly voted games. Let’s experience the Sticky War with interesting and addictive challenges in the stick-man game series. Stick War: Legacy is an exciting, challenging, and addictive stick man strategy game. The task of the player is to command his stickman army by squad, or by […]
Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena
Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena MOD APK 1.19.26 (God Mode)
Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is a strategy game from the publisher Newland Canada. In the game, you will experience turn-based tactical battles. Currently, Tactical Monsters are available for free on Google Play. As the name implies, Tactical Monsters is a monster arena with fascinating battles, the convergence of the strongest monsters in the world. In […]
Castle Clash: World Ruler
Castle Clash MOD APK 3.2.41 (No ads)
Castle Clash is an interesting and engaging strategy game, that mixes military management styles. Castle Clash is staged in an epic style with fierce battles. Besides, it happens at a fairly fast pace. A gamer will manage a mighty army and build barracks. You own the elite soldiers with melee skills or perfect magic ability. […]
Tower Conquest MOD APK 23.0.14g (Unlimited Money)
Tower Conquest is a Strategy game that takes you on a whole new adventure among the three vast worlds. You can choose to raise an army from Undead, Robots, and even medieval soldiers. The game’s developer has brought many different experiences in a fighting game. In the game, you have to fight to become one […]