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Godzilla Defense Force MOD APK 2.3.8 (Unlimited Money)

Godzilla Defense Force APK
Developer NEXON Company
Version 2.3.8
Requires Android Android 6.0
MOD info Unlimited Money
Updated June 18, 2024 (1 month ago)
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Not only hugely popular on the big screen with the threshold value estimate of the blockbuster “Godzilla vs Kong”. Recently, Godzilla also created a fever in the gaming community when they released the game Run Godzilla. Even though it is almost like an Idle game, Run Godzilla is still extremely attractive. So what’s so interesting about this game? Let’s find out through the following article of Maxdroid!

Godzilla Defense Force APK

About Run Godzilla

Developed by TOHO Games, Run Godzilla is a copyrighted idle game that provides an in-depth look at Godzilla – the super monster that has dominated the big screen over the years. Besides Run Godzilla, TOHO Games also reported 2 more Godzilla parts that will be officially released in the near future.

Run Godzilla is built with idle gameplay, and the game plot is not too prominent. However, this game brings about the birth and growth of Godzilla. Moreover, it also clearly explains why Godzilla became the king of beasts, as well as the religion worshiped by ancient civilizations.

Background of the game

Specifically, the player will join the people on the island to raise and care for Godzilla, from the moment he hatched until he became a giant super monster more than 120m tall. During this time, the player must find food and train Godzilla’s skills until Godzilla is mature enough. Players and island residents will officially part, to send Godzilla out to sea to challenge other powerful kaiju.

Godzilla Defense Force APK

Overall, Run Godzilla gives players a new experience. However, this is only the first part, and developer TOHO says that there will be two more coming soon: Godzilla Destruction and Godzilla Battle Line, Godzilla Battles, and other Kaiju. And maybe the Godzilla that you broke up with today in Run Godzilla will reunite and grow stronger, so as to become the king of monsters in the next 2 versions.

The gameplay of Run Godzilla

In a world where humans and kaiju coexist peacefully, the player creates a succession of kaiju to compete in Run Godzilla with their own kind. The player’s first kaiju will always be Godzilla; once the King of Monsters timer runs out and the monster returns to the “queue”, they can then upgrade their Kaiju to Mothras, King Ghidorahs, or Romans. The color and species of each successive kaiju will be chosen at random unless microtransactions are used. However, you can increase your Kaiju’s starting stats based on the previous Kaiju’s performance. Kaiju can shoot beams at opponents ahead, making races more than just a test of speed. Each kaiju has five stats: physical strength, stamina, speed, attack power, and toughness. Their starting stats will increase based on the previous kaiju’s performance.

Diverse race track system

In Run Godzilla, there are a total of 38 races. And all without a name, each track is modeled with a poster from the 29 life-like Godzilla movies produced by Toho Studios. Each film corresponds to at least one race, with two races for the seven Godzilla films made between 1962 and 1968 (these are all Toho Champion Festival re-releases), The Return of Godzilla, and Shin Godzilla.

The player has limited control over how their kaiju performs during each race, aside from launching it at the start and leading the villagers to cheer for it – this boosts its health. Kaiju can also enter a Burning State to make them glow. It increases their stats for a while, but this energy drains after a race.

Increase the power of Kaiju

In the game Run Godzilla, outside of races, the player must manage some resources in a village to power up their kaiju. The prayers of the commoners are what directly raise the monster’s stats. To make Godzilla bigger, stronger, and more agile, villagers recite prayers to increase various stats such as stamina, speed, and other attributes. Don’t miss their group dance in front of Godzilla!. Train Godzilla to face Mothra, King Ghidorah, and many other monsters. When Godzilla goes to war, your job is to stand on the sidelines and cheer as the monsters toppled buildings and power poles.

Godzilla Defense Force APK

Recruit more villagers to pray strong prayers and grow your community. Before you leave, Godzilla will leave you with some cute animals that you can train to be the next “champion”.

Attractive graphics and sounds

Although it only looks like an Indie game, Run Godzilla has relatively sharp 2D graphics. The Kaiju system including Godzilla is meticulously depicted and looks exactly like the cinematic prototype. This will certainly attract the majority of gamers to Run Godzilla.

Godzilla Defense Force MOD APK – Unlimited Money

Many Diamonds and Apples: These are the two main “currencies” in the game. With this MOD feature, players can easily upgrade their Monster “pets” in the game.

It can be said that Run Godzilla is a simulation game that does not completely rely on strength, but your job is just to run and run. However, the novel gameplay with outstanding competitiveness is the clear highlight that attracts many players to TOHO’s brainchild. You can download the MOD APK of Run Godzilla for Android.

Download Godzilla Defense Force MOD APK 2.3.8 (Unlimited Money)

4/5 (1 vote)

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