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    August 21, 2019

Nowadays, many people like dramatic action games or games that show strength and speed. They tend to pay less attention to the gentle and entertaining games. However, we have to state that those games bring more fun to the players. One of the interesting and fascinating games to be mentioned is Hay Day from Supercell Developer. The game will bring you to the simple life of the countryside with fruit gardens and cute animals. You will play and explore the work of a farmer. Your task will be to develop a farm, care for animals, plants, crops and exchange farm produce. You will have a lot more fun through the action and series of fun images that this game brings. Hay Day is a unique simulation game developed by Supercell for smart mobile devices. The game was launched very early in the year 2013, when the mobile phones were gradually entering the development stages. Hay Day was like a wave hit the mobile market that makes many players feel excited and addictive. Up to now, Hay Day has still been a very attractive game with many players, which not only brings unique gameplay and beautiful images but also the relaxing gaming moments with the countryside scenery.

Hay Day mod apk

How to play

Hay Day is a very simple and easy game, which does not have the complex and difficult operations required in high skill players such as many the action or racing games. In which, you need to do is swipe the screen to control most of the things inside the game. Hay Day takes you a long time to care and take care of your farm, so everything can grow lush and steady. In addition, you will have ways to make things easier and simpler. Hay Day is very much interested in its developers with constant updates. You will be able to see a lot of new changes in crops, livestock, buildings…, which will contribute to attract more players. However, you may have to spend more money to buy more attractive items. You can also apply some of the ways that I am going to mention below to make your game both fun and not to cost a lot of money.

When you start playing, you should try to accumulate more gold and experience points. In which, you should try to gain as many experience points as possible by continuing to grow to level 7. At that time, you will be able to open a stall at the roadside and trade your farm products for collecting the necessary amount of money. You also need to balance the growing of crops and the production of your items, ensuring that everything is always running to achieve maximum capacity. If you still lack the ingredients, you can buy at your friend’s store. When you reach level 14, you will be able to get help from the transporter, Tom. You can ask him to earn extra for you at a reasonable price. You can also get extra diamonds by completing the achievements that Hay Day sets for the player, or you can see the game’s ad to support the producer.

Hay Day mod apk

In Hay Day, you also need to note a few things in order not to lose too many resources. You should not sell to visitors unless you are in dire need of gold. Visitors to your farm are completely normal. Sometimes, they will ask you to buy a certain amount of agricultural produce but at very low prices. You can completely refuse to sell to them. They will not complain about it either. Each harvest season in Hay Day, when you plant a farm product, you will get about twice as much. For example, if you plant a unit of corn, you will get 2 units when harvesting. Then you do not use all of them for production but cultivate them for the next crop and then bring the rest for production or sale.

Key features of Hay Day

1, Hay Day allows players to freely develop their farm in many different ways. This will not be repeated anywhere, even when you play Hay Day for the second or third time. You can also build and customize the works in the game easily.

2, The game provides players with very interesting commercial features. This is probably the greatest feature that brings the most attractive appeal of the game. In Hay Day, the players can easily interact with each other through trading activities. You can post ads to sell your items. This is like a Neopoets system, which allows players to connect with shops and social elements. There are also virtual characters controlled by AI, who visit your farm to chat and exchange merchandise.

3, Hay Day not only allows players to produce fresh produce but you can also make delicious food by using the farm products combining with the recipe. You can do everything with just the simple touch, making it fun to cut down on actual farming activities.

4, Hay Day also brings value to the player through the leaderboard, in which you can follow your achievement since the beginning of the game. For example, you can collect hundreds of eggs, or harvest milk from dairy cows. To get these achievements, you will need a lot of time waiting for the product to be ready. This may take a few minutes or several hours, but you can use diamonds as a high-end currency to speed up the process.

Hay Day mod apk

The sound and graphics of Hay Day

The attraction of Hay Day is not only in a simple and free gameplay but also in the design of the game. Hay Day brings detailed graphics with modes such as Landscape and Zoom and Pan. It will be like an animated movie seen on a mobile phone. Hay Day is designed with 2D motion pictures so the game control mechanism is smooth. You will not have to face the same jerky or lag as other FPS games. This has greatly enhanced the user’s gaming experience. In addition, the sound is also very lively, which comes from all the different activities in the game such as building, transporting, harvesting … You can also hear many animal sounds. Another thing that you can hear a lot of sounds such as the sound of pets combined with a fresh and vibrant soundtrack, which will make your farm realistic.

Hay Day mod apk


Hay Day is a great game, which has been proven by tens of millions of players around the world. If you have a smart mobile phone, you should not miss this exciting game. Hay Day also has a number of modified versions to provide a more enjoyable experience for players. We will regularly update new and secure versions for Android devices in this article. Please leave your review of this interesting game in the comments below! Thanks and have a fun gaming time!

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