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Helicopter Games Simulator : Indian Air Force Game free on android

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    June 30, 2020

Things you need to know about Helicopter game

You’re passionate about pilots, you love helicopters and you want to fly them. Imagine that you are the best helicopter pilot in the world, and test your skills by operating a helicopter. Through a series of obstacles in Helicopter game to know your capacity. You will play as a professional air soldier with difficult missions. Your task is to control the helicopter as far as possible, and the less time the better. The following article will introduce information about Helicopter game. Stay tuned for more information about this interesting game.

Helicopter Games Mod apk for Android

Helicopter game is one of the most famous Flash games of all time. This is a classic game that has been around for years. It has been played by millions of people around the world for over 10 years. And in particular, it has become one of the leading browser-based games on the web.

What makes helicopter games so awesome is its simplicity. The mechanisms are simple and straightforward – go ahead while avoiding the obstacles. This simplicity has made Helicopter widely developed over the years.

How to play Helicopter

This helicopter game has very simple gameplay. You just need to touch the mobile screen to get the helicopter up. If you want it to fly high, you keep touching your hands repeatedly. When it reaches out, it flies low.

For desktop computers, you use your left mouse button to move the helicopter up. Then let go of the mouse button to lower the helicopter. Plan your action time carefully to avoid floating obstacles, and see how far you can go without a problem. The farther you go, the higher your score. The Helicopter game records the furthest distance you’ve traveled. This makes it easy to track your progress.

When you progress deeper into the black and green cave, the obstacles you encounter will become more difficult. This requires a level of concentration to make it go further without a problem. If you touch the top or the bottom of the cave, you will be in distress, and the helicopter will catch fire. If you crash into any floating obstacles, you will experience the same fate.

Helicopter Gameplay MOD apk

Take the time to get good scores

Time is a very important factor, as it determines your reward points at the end of the path. In addition to avoiding obstacles to preserve your life, you also need to go very fast to reach the finish line. The shorter the time to complete the mission, the higher the reward. This is your advantage compared to rivals.

If you keep flying up and down at unnecessary times, you will waste more time. So, in gaps where there are no obstacles, try to let it fly straight. Only adjust it up and down when absolutely necessary. Be quick on your eyes, and focus on making the most of your time.

The longer you go, the more and more challenges

The initial distance is quite easy because there are not many obstacles. However, the further you go, the more the challenge. This means that the number of obstacles increases and the difficulty also increases. You need to focus on controlling the helicopter so it doesn’t hit them and explode.

The game has many attractive levels. After completing each level, you will receive corresponding money, and you will also step into the distance at a higher level. If the helicopter hits an obstacle, the game will end there. You have to start from the first point of that level. Don’t be afraid to play again, as it gives you more experience. To go a long way, you also have to spend a lot of effort and time. The higher the level, the higher the level of complexity. But every time you pass a level, you will really find it interesting.

The later, the faster the speed of the helicopter

When the speed of the helicopter is slow, you can easily control it without encountering obstacles. But the further you go, the faster the helicopter speed. This makes it harder to avoid hitting objects on the road. And this is also what makes this game so attractive. It makes the player not be bored and gives gamers a feeling of stronger conquest. Although the format and the gameplay are simple, it’s not easy to win.

Change the appearance of the helicopter

After obtaining a certain amount of bonus, you can completely choose what you want. However, you need to spend money to buy them. There are many colors and shapes of helicopters to choose from. Try to make a lot of money to own many helicopters you like. You can also purchase additional decorative items to create accents for your helicopter. This is wonderful, isn’t it!

Graphic design

The helicopter game has a pretty simple 3D graphic design. The image is not picky and diverse as other games, but it is not boring. It attracts players to conquer difficult journeys.

In addition to the visual design combined with cartoon elements, this game also has a pretty good sound system. The soft sounds of the helicopter and the sound of explosions stimulate players. The combination of visual and sound is quite homogeneous, making the game more interesting. Graphic design is quite simple but not boring, it still creates a sense of authenticity and appeals to players.


The helicopter is a game that is easy to play but also very attractive. It is suitable for many subjects from young to old. You can not only relax, but also overcome challenges, and win. Many people have played and feel very happy. Especially for those who love the helicopter and want to be a pilot, this is an extremely interesting experience.

How many meters do you think you can go to? If you have free time and you enjoy an addictive challenge, become a talented pilot in the game Helicopter. Download and install Helicopter Mod Apk now to play whenever and wherever you want. Wish you have moments of great entertainment and relaxation with Helicopter game in maxdroid.

Download Helicopter Games Simulator : Indian Air Force Game free on android for android
Download Helicopter Games Simulator : Indian Air Force Game for Android (Version 2.7)
Download OBB (Version 2.7)
Download from Google Play
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