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Hitman Sniper 1.7.193827 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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    October 23, 2020

General introduced

Hitman Sniper is one of the best shooting games that I’ve ever played. The game is a product of the publisher SQUARE ENIX Ltd. Referring to the stealth-action genre, players will surely remember the name of the killer 47 in the Hitman game series. Up to now, the Hitman game has gone through many different versions, but the game has never lost its appeal. Currently, the game has more than 10 million downloads and nearly 1 million votes on Google Play. That figure proved the appeal of the game and earned a huge sales revenue for the publisher.


Hitman Sniper is a shooting game with tactical and challenging gameplay. In the game, you will play as Agent 47. This is a robot killer, organizations around the world hire him to perform hired assassination missions. Hitman Sniper takes players to the land of Montenegro, this is a beautiful land but also a hiding place for gangsters organizations. Here, you will start making contracts to assassinate notorious bosses.

As a sniper, the game requires your acumen and general vision. The levels will take you to many different locations. And your target will lurk in tall buildings. Choose for yourself a convenient position to kill the target as quickly as possible, without being detected. But the levels will not simply destroy the boss, besides the boss, there are many guards and NPCs in the way. Choose the exact time to destroy the guards. Because of the noise is too loud, the boss will find himself in danger and hide behind obstacles, at this time, it is difficult to destroy him. He can even escape, causing the mission to fail, and forcing the player to start again.

Skill to aim

Practice aiming and shooting down the enemy a lot, from there, you will overcome difficult tasks in the journey to conquer the game. Although it does not require too high a technique from the player, you must follow some rules to destroy the target without being deflected. For example, before you release a bullet, you will need to quickly calculate the speed and destination of the enemy, hold your breath to hold the gun steady and start firing. These features will increase the difficulty of the game, not just put the gun up and shoot.

The targets in the game will constantly move. That makes your aiming process difficult. It requires you to align correctly, and choose the right time to defeat the enemy. To assist the player in the quest process, the game brings a marking system on each level. The marking system will allow you to trace the position of each guard and the boss throughout the levels. Thus, you can capture each movement of the target to make the right decision, quickly destroy the target without making a lot of noise, as well as achieve the highest amount of bonus.

Mission system and weapons

Game Hitman: Sniper has up to 150 different missions. This is a huge number for any player, and of course, the difficulty of the missions will increase over time. It contributes to increasing the attractiveness and challenge for players. Besides the object to destroy, there will be traps as well as many additional characters to make it harder for players. With a diverse mission system, this is also an opportunity for players to collect valuable rewards. You will get a lot of money after completing the mission, sometimes it can be new guns and accessories needed for guns.

As a sniper, of course, your weapons are powerful sniper rifle. The game offers a huge sniper rifle warehouse with over 17 different guns. Each gun will bring different stats, suitable for each type of different missions and fighting style of the player. You will use the bonuses earned after missions to buy guns, however, some special guns require you to unlock them with real money. Besides owning your favorite guns, you need to upgrade it to maximize the power. Collect the parts of weapons such as viewfinder, trigger, bullet … to refurbish your gun, all of which are bright upgrades. They help you a lot during the task process.

Hitman Sniper


Hitman Sniper is designed on a beautiful 3D graphics platform. The details in the game are meticulously elaborate, from character images to the surroundings. The game has a high definition, it helps players can aim accurately. The operations of changing bullets, aiming, pulling the trigger are faithfully reproduced with the first perspective. There is a pity of the game, it is impossible to change the first perspective through the 3rd perspective, so players can not observe the movement of the character.


If you are a fan of the Hitman game genre, and you love the FPS shooting genre, you should not ignore Hitman Sniper. Hitman Sniper is a great FPS action game, with loads of weapons and a variety of offensive effects. Show off your marksmanship skill, and wipe out any danger to the neighborhood. Download Hitman Sniper mod apk by the link below and experience it right now!

Download Hitman Sniper 1.7.193827 (MOD, Unlimited Money) for android
Download Hitman Sniper for Android (Version 1.7.193827)
APK (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Download OBB (Version 1.7.193827)
Download from Google Play
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