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Madfut 21 Draft & Pack Opener APK 1.3.1 for android

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    May 4, 2021

Madfut 21 is a free sports game app for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team (FUT 21). Here, you can select players from different leagues and create your dream team. You can then take this team to knockout tournaments where you can earn rewards. Furthermore, you can also collect tokens to use for transactions with other users. It can be said that this is an attractive football game, immediately download Madfut 21 to experience this interesting game!

Introducing the game Madfut 21

Madfut 21 is the latest version of the popular esports game. This game offers a variety of ways to play with your friends and collaborate with the FUT community. However, if you don’t get enough of what the game has to offer, other third-party game apps will allow you to experience more. Madfut 21 is one of the games that you can download for free for your android. This fan-made e-sport game extends the fun for the player.

This is a game inspired by Pacybits 20. This game used to be addictive for a lot of gamers. The application mentioned above allows you to build teams of players from different leagues, and compete in knockout tournaments. You can also collect packs, and unlock player options to create better soccer superstars.

Madfut 21 mod apk

Moreover, you can even get new Card packs to get a 100% collection. Besides drafting players, the game also comes with squad-building (SBC) challenges, which reward you with cards and player picks once completed.

Madfut 21 also offers card trading that allows you to exchange cards with other players. With this, you don’t need to rely on daily rewards to get more cards. However, that is all already in the game. There are no other game modes, and the SBCs are temporary. Furthermore, you cannot select the tokens that you want to trade.

Limitations of the game

If you are a fan of FUT 21, Madfut 21 is the game that gives you many exciting and interesting things. This soccer game is an app that allows you to craft players like FUT, earn rewards and collect cards. Furthermore, you can connect with other players by trading with them. However, the game still has no other extras that many gamers are in need, so there are still many limitations while playing. The developers have promised a new game mode, but so far that’s all there is to the game.

Madfut 21 mod apk

Top 5 most effective tactical formations in the game

This game focuses on strategy rather than speed. To be successful, you must have a clear plan and strategy for each match against each different opponent. We tried many different compositions, and here are our Top 5 tactical formations that we recommend. From there, you will easily win matches with different opponents.

A 4-1-4-1 tactical  formation

With the right strategy and player, you will have a very high chance of winning. It is important that you have LB and RB with good attacking skills. Because the idea is to let them attack multiple and expand your options to pass. Your CDM must be a highly defensive player, and your ST must be as fast as possible to get past the opposing line and easily score goals.

A 3-5-2 tactical formation

This is the lineup that you will feel happiest about. If there’s one thing this lineup can guarantee, it’s a number of goals. It will be up to you if it is in your favor in that match. For the CBs on the side, you need to have players who run fast to take chances. Your LM and RM must have good defensive skills, your ST doesn’t have to be too fast but at least one of them has to be.

4-4-2 tactical formation

This is a classic 4-4-2 diagram. This is a balanced lineup that will work if you like passing and running. It will work better if you have one CM on the defense and the other attacking. In fact, the attacking CM must be the CAM converted to CM. Good ones for this are Roberto Firmino, Kai Havertz, Marco Reus or Kevin De Bruyne if you can afford him.

4-3-3 tactical formation

If you want a great defensive squad, this is your squad. You have two CDMs here that will help your CB a lot when you don’t have the ball. To be successful, you have to play with Possession and have the ball most of the time. Therefore, you can create good chances as your whole team slowly moves up the attack area. Your CAM should be your best player.

3-3-4 tactical formation

This is a very attacking squad. If you are a player who likes to attack all the way, dive straight and score as many goals as possible without having to worry too much about defense, this is the squad for you. I recommend having both of your CMs for the attack. With the right players and strategies on the field, you will create a lot of opportunities. It will work best with Long Pass (your LW and RW have to be behind the defense).

Mod feature

When using the Madfut 21 mod apk feature version, players will easily unlock to have excellent players and Vip cards when playing. This helps the player to win matches in a simpler way. Download the game Madfut 21 with an unlimited money mod version to experience moments of fun with this interesting game. Thanks for visiting maxdroid. Have a nice day!

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