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  • Kaka Games Inc.
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    4.1 and up
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    October 17, 2019

Magic Chess: Bang Bang is a new chess board strategy game on Google Play. With highly strategic gameplay, vivid graphics and magical battle effects, the game will surely make fans of the game of dignity flag satisfied.

General introduction

In the game Magic Chess: Bang Bang, each general will turn into a chess piece. Each turn, gamers will select and buy flags in the group of generals randomly. You can strengthen each hero by combining the generals together and uniting warriors to upgrade. In each stage, there will be eight players competing against each other in the 1v1 arena, the last surviving player will be the winner of the whole battle.


The game is built on 8×8 design similar to a familiar chess board. The player’s mission is to collect and arrange the pieces (generals) together to form a squad of their own. After being placed on the chessboard, the generals and characters will automatically fight with each other, according to the tactics that the player has built through the formation of the squad.

Players will compete with 7 other players to create an attractive fighting game, exciting and brainstorming until the last minute. Each general in the game belongs to different systems and species. Thanks to that, they have different skills and attacks. If you are lucky enough to collect 3 cards of the same generals in terms of system, species and number of stars, you can upgrade that champion to a higher level (maximum of 3 stars). In this strategy game, champions with a higher number of stars will be stronger. Generals of the same generation, if used correctly, will bring special effects or skills to those champions or the whole team.

How to play

In order to collect new and different types of troops, players need to buy in the General store. Each generals belonging to different genres and species will have different prices, the later, the more quality generals appear. Each game is completed, based on the result of that game and the winning sequence, players will receive different amounts of bonuses. Players can use the Gold they have to buy new generals, and change the list of existing champions or increase experience points for themselves.

During the game, players will receive Equipment to improve the power of the champion. You can equip these items immediately for each champion according to the utility of that equipment, or you can combine to create another equipment that is stronger and more effective.


  • Automatic Mechanism: After you take the pieces and place them on the board, they will automatically fight each other. The extremely diverse skills will make the game not only an ordinary match, but also a relaxing place full of art!
  • Diverse tactics: 11 clans, 10 factions, and over 50 different generals to choose from. There are many different ways to play, and you can also build your own team.
  • The generals can upgrade. You can upgrade the same generals into higher level generals and awaken the potential power of these generals. We are waiting for you to discover the random groups of generals!
  • Classic survival game. This is a survival style auto chess game featuring eight players of different races and factions that can counteract each other. Therefore, with a reasonable tactic, along with a superior dignity, victory will always smile to you!
  • All players around the world will share the same server. Join Auto-chess now, represent your country and compete with other countries now!
  • A strategic and authentic game.


This is a real-time strategy chess auto game, without the need to train champions or pay for strength indicators. In the arena of Magic Chess: Bang Bang, all you need is luck, and most importantly, your strategy to win. All we expect is really just the fun of the game!

If you want to experience this game soon, just download the APK file we provided and then install it as usual.


Magic Chess: Bang Bang is a game that we can download free. However, some in-game items may have to be purchased by real money. If you do not want to charge, please turn off the in-app purchase feature in the settings of the device.

In addition, according to the Kaka Games developer Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, players must be 12 years or older to download and play the game Magic Chess: Bang Bang.

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