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Million Lords: MMO Real-time Strategy Apk

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    October 18, 2019

Million Lords is a strategy game released by MILLION VICTORIES. Million Lords is a promising real-time multiplayer strategy game where thousands of players compete against each other in fierce territory wars.

Transforming into a lord in the medieval fantasy world, you develop your kingdom and heroes to conquer new lands. Attack the city of another lord, protect the territory from invading forces and become stronger every day.

General introduction

Million Lords is different from other strategy games on the market, instead of focusing on resource management and base development, Million Victories wants to focus more on the tactical aspect. Instead of building bases, the borders of your kingdom will increase as you win battles and gain experience and looting. The game is designed to play many people together, so each battle you take will be another player controlling their stronghold, not an AI bot installed.

Million Lords has a fairly well-designed world, so theoretically, you can continue to expand your kingdom for quite a long time. You can also team up with other players and form a guild to try and gain new territory together.

Million lords and it’s feature

Key features of Million Lords:
  • Gameplay  of real-time strategy game: Do not build the city, no time limit or “plow” game.
  • Many online players: Team up and plan an attack to confront other players.
  • A world without limits in terms of both map size and number of players.
  • Create 60 items to match your strategy in real time.
  • A skill tree with 10 talents to enhance strength.

Fight and conquer:
  • Choose the best strategy and tactics to beat other gamers.
  • Protect the kingdom from enemies to invade and defeat them.
Play games with friends:
  • Game also focuses on developing part of the guild in the game, in order to promote community development. Add friends in Million Lords and together create the strongest clan.
  • Fight for your brotherhood and become a wise leader.
The endless world:

– Expand your territory beyond expectations: The only boundary is your determination.

– Discovering vast lands in the medieval world.

Highly competitive multiplayer battle:
  • Million Lords is a competitive strategy game where everything is about conquest and power.
  • Compete with thousands of other players across the globe on the same map and server.

Tricks to dominate:
  • Even the greatest giant can be overthrown if you have enough skills and possess a wise tactic.
  • Strategic thinking is the key to building the greatest empire in the Million Lords.
Improve your tactics:
  • Choose your skills and create your own lord: Your hero, your choice.
  • Develop kingdom and hero to confront enemies.


Million Lords has a fairly well-designed world, so theoretically, you can continue to expand your kingdom for quite a long time. You can also team up with other players and form a guild to try and gain new territory together. Million Lords with many new exciting features promises to explode strongly in the gaming market. If you want to experience this game soon, just download the APK file we provided and then install it as usual.

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