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Download Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod APK (Unlocked/Final Ver) for Android

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    September 30, 2019

Minecraft is an open world game developed by Mojang developer for the PC platform in 2009. The game has been a huge success and has attracted hundreds of millions of players in the world. After that success, Mojang brought the game to smart devices to attract more players and promote their brand. Minecraft was launched on mobile devices in 2011 known as Minecraft Pocket Edition. Many players are familiar with Minecraft for many years. It brings a lot of attractions that you can play many times without feeling boring. The game will allow players to enjoy creativity in a vast world where you can collect, fabricate, fight and build everything inside the game. Minecraft is like a legendary game that was attached to the childhood of so many players in the world, so you should not wait for trying it anymore. In this article, we will take a look at how to play, the features and the requirements of installing the game.

Minecraft Pocket Edition mod apk

Unique gameplay

The world of Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod Apk is a vast world that will allow players the freedom to choose their own playing style. You will play the game revolving around putting and breaking the boxes. You will find this familiar in many Minecraft games in the stores. The world of the game will have a lot of stacked 3D boxes, in which the players can move freely in the environment, while the boxes’ positions are fixed. You will collect those boxes and bring them to other locations to build your own buildings. Starting the game, players will find themselves in a wild world with the land and the rich creature system. You can go through different terrains and discover many new things. During the game, you can meet many different species, which you can attack to find the necessary material. These creatures are divided into many different types, in which there are creatures that you encounter during the day such as cows, horses, chickens, etc. Also, there will be creatures that you encounter at night such as spiders, zombies… Or maybe some very dangerous species like Creeper, Slime, Enderman…

The time in Minecraft Pocket Edition follows the rule of the day and night system, which will normally last 20 minutes in real time. During these times, players will take advantage and do their own work. The world of the game will randomly appear when you explore it. Everything you meet will be random that you will almost never see it again. The control of Minecraft Pocket Edition will have some restrictions, in which there will be many complex operations that character will not perform. However, this can be completely ignored because this is a fairly simple game in design. The physics of the game will not follow the rules of real life, so you do not have to worry about your character’s abilities, which has made the game more fun.

Minecraft Pocket Edition mod apk

Game mode

Minecraft Pocket Edition is quite a simple game, but its gameplay is very diverse and interesting. In the game, you can see many different game modes such as survival, creativity, adventure, audience or multiplayer. Each mode will bring different features and abilities to your character. You will use those features to complete and discover the fascinating things in the game.

Survival Mode: This is the most basic game mode in Minecraft Pocket Edition, in which you have to look for resources such as wood and rocks to create blocks and items. Depending on the difficulty of the game, you will encounter different types of danger, which requires you to build a shelter and fabricate the weapons for fighting to protect yourself. The players will find experience points and ingredients by fighting monsters. You will also be able to lose blood or die. Then you will lose all your belongings and return to the beginning of the game.

Creative mode: In this mode, the player has unlimited energy as well as has all the resources and tools of the game. You can build or destroy everything immediately. You will also be able to fly that will not be attacked or dead for any reason. This mode is created primarily for you to create great and grandiose works.

Minecraft Pocket Edition mod apk

The advantages and requirements of installing Minecraft Pocket Edition mod apk

Minecraft Pocket Edition was created as a third party game, which is a complete copy of Minecraft on Google Play store of Mojang. But Minecraft Pocket Edition is completely free for all players in the world. The game also has modified versions that bring more features and advantages to players such as high damage, skins, God Mode… We will provide you with the Mod version, which is completely free and safe. You can check the version in the download link at the bottom of the article.

Minecraft Pocket Edition is designed quite simply so the size of the game will be well handled just about 100 MB. You will not need to worry much about the memory of the device. You just have to prepare a good enough Android phone and follow these steps to enjoy the game:

1, Download the game at the bottom link

2. Open the download folder and click on the APK file and accept the installation.

3, Open and enjoy the game.

Minecraft Pocket Edition mod apk


Minecraft Pocket Edition is a great game even if it has an unimaginative graphics. If you are a fan of pixelated box blocks, this game is a good choice for you. Minecraft Pocket Edition is also for adventure lovers, in which you will become an explorer in a virtual game environment. Minecraft Pocket Edition is a leading game in the sandbox game genre. Minecraft Pocket Edition mod apk will also bring you many unique advantages. It also makes you easier in playing the game. Let’s enjoy this game and leave your evaluation at the bottom of this article! Thanks and have a fun game!

[tab]Minecraft Pocket Edition (Unlocked Premium/Texture) V1.11.0.1[/tab]
[tab]Minecraft Pocket Edition (Mega MOD) V1.11.0.1[/tab]
[tab]Minecraft Pocket Edition Final MOD V1 (Licence Patched) V1.9.0.15[/tab]
[tab]Minecraft Pocket Edition Final MOD V2 (V1 + Unlocked Skins & Textures) V1.9.0.15[/tab]
[tab]Minecraft Pocket Edition Final MOD V3 (V1 + V2+ High Dame + God Mode) V1.9.0.15[/tab]

Download Download Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod APK (Unlocked/Final Ver) for Android for android
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