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Mythgard CCG : Strategy Game

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  • Rhino Games Inc.
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    4.4 and up
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    February 1, 2020

Mythgard is a CCG game, set in the present time but built around legendary characters. It also means that, elements such as magic will appear in conjunction with the advanced and modern technologies of the 21st century. If the mythical giants and the most advanced vehicles and weapons clash in busy streets with the appearance of skyscrapers, what will happen?

General introduction

Mythgard is an infinite strategy card collection game. Experience a unique game with fast-paced and smooth action scenes! Use magic, minions, charms and antiques to defeat your opponents. Each strategy can make the difference between winning and losing. Your deck will not be limited to a single class or faction, unlocking endless possibilities in the Mythgard game.

A notable highlight of this game is that players can absolutely get the best experience without losing a penny. This sounds ridiculous when Mythgard is expected to be released for free, but Rhino Games has made this a way to impress the gaming community, as well as expand the opportunity to access guest files, in the time the game market has been becoming steadily diluted.

Mythgard Game

The gods in ancient legends have entered the modern world in the land of Mythgard, including great gods who have not appeared in centuries. However, the creatures in this myth are still the archenetic rivals of the jet in controlling the sky. The mortals are now vying for dominance with these creatures. In Mythgard, players can exploit both technological and magical aspects to gain control of the world with the gods of ancient times.

Arrange your warriors strategically on the unique battlefield of the Mythgard game. Create many powerful items that change the basic rules of the game. Use powerful magic to open up gaps in enemy defenses and attack. Change the outcome of the match as you like.

Players can receive new cards through participating in battles and build cards in any way they want! Similar to the CCG Hearthstone game, Mythgard has a range of PvE modes that provide daily rewards, while many other PvP modes allow you to test your skills with other players.

Discover the magical world of Mythgard in a vast single player campaign. Use the tokens you earn to learn how to fight, build skills and improve strategies. Campaign mode allows gamers to study the characteristics of each group, collect cards and most importantly – enjoy the adventure in the mythical world of Mythgard.

Mythgard Features

  • Many diverse game modes: Solo, 1v1 or cooperate with friends in 2v2 battles.
  • Collect over 400 beautifully designed cards.
  • Tactical fast-paced gameplay.
  • Plunge into many unique battlefields to improve your strategy-building skills.
  • Discover an interesting story.
  • Beat other players and climb to the top of the online rankings.
  • Provides Spectator and Replays mode.



If you are a fan of brainstorming battles between cards, or more specifically a hard fan of the card game (CCG) genre, you definitely should not miss Mythgard. The mobile game title of Rhino Games promises to bring moments of extremely interesting playing, as well as bring a new breath of wind for this quite picky player genre.

Download Mythgard CCG : Strategy Game for android
Download Mythgard (Version Update)
Download from Google Play
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