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Nobodies: After Death MOD APK 1.0.133 (Unlimited Money)

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    June 13, 2022

Try Nobodies: After Death, if you enjoy mysterious puzzle adventure games that need superhuman intelligence. This is an extremely appealing puzzle game released by Blyts. This game will undoubtedly not disappoint you. Check out Maxdroid‘s post below if you want to learn more about this game!

 Nobodies: After Death APK + MOD

About Nobodies: After Death

If you think you know all the weirdest ideas in the world of video games then play Nobodies: After Death MOD APK to find out how wrong you are. This puzzle game simulating and dispelling the crime of murder will surely attract you with its drama and appeal.

Nobodies: After Death has just been released by Blyts a few days ago. You can either download the original or our MOD version from Google Play. Accordingly, the game After Death is the sequel to Nobodies: Murder Cleaner, which was released before.

One of the most well-known and popular mind puzzle games is Nobodies: Murder Cleaner. This game has drawn the attention of many players around the world due to its very complex gameplay, which challenges those with the sharpest minds. The next installment in this puzzle series is Nobodies: After Death. The gameplay and graphics are identical to the previous version. New levels and challenges will undoubtedly give you a headache while playing.

Unique plot

The Nobodies: After Death version is developed content based on the previous Murder Cleaner version. And the plot follows that the old version does not build a new plot. Those will still be extremely attractive and mysterious stories for you to explore.

 Nobodies: After Death APK + MOD

The plot is about a biological weapons research organization. Its purpose is not to destroy humanity or destroy humans. But among them are spies having bad intentions with biological weapons that threaten the safety of people around the world. Thus, the liquidation of dissidents in the organization took place. To avoid conflict and internal tensions, the assassination attempts must take place quietly and mysteriously.

And you are the person involved in doing that work. Another team of assassins takes on the task of assassinating those guys, and you are the one “cleaning up” the crime scene. You have to do everything to make the scene as if nothing happened, no one knows that the killer has appeared here.

Adventure gameplay combined with puzzles

Basically, Nobodies: After Death is still an adventure game that combines puzzles. This gameplay has a mysterious and equally horror style. As said, your main task is to clean up the scene of mysterious cases. You have to find a way to complete the puzzle. Use your intelligence and sharp thinking to find the final answer. Each subject puzzle has different challenges, no duplicates. Because, throughout the game experience, you always have difficulty finding the solution to the puzzle.

The game offers many different levels of puzzles to challenge your intelligence. From simple classic puzzles to complex puzzles, you have to pass. When starting to play, the difficulty of the game is not high so you slowly get used to the game. And then, the difficulty of the game will gradually increase. So when playing this game you should not rush or play arbitrarily. To complete the puzzle, you have to spend a lot of time reasoning. Thus, think carefully and make the right decision.

Logical reasoning, subtle observation

There are many different ways you can try to complete the puzzle in Nobodies: After Death. However, there is only one way to get the correct answer. Trying each way according to your reasoning is also a quick way to find the solution. However, such tests must be based on logical inference. You don’t play by luck to solve puzzles. Since this is a puzzle game, show your intelligence and top-notch thinking instead of relying on luck.

 Nobodies: After Death APK + MOD

To be able to reason as well as draw conclusions, of course, you must have good observation. In cases, you need to look at everything there is at the scene, any object, or anomaly that affects the “disappearance” process that you are performing. Do not ignore even the smallest details, otherwise, you will not be able to complete the task.

Eye-catching graphics

In terms of graphics quality, the game Nobodies: After Death only has 2D graphics. However, the image in the game is made up of extremely detailed hand-drawn strokes. Each object to the person is created in a cartoon style but still gives a realistic feeling when playing. The developer has created more than 100 hand-drawn scenes in his quest and discovery. That is the highlight of the image of this game. The images can be a bit violent and scary, so the game is not for the faint of heart.

MOD APK version of Nobodies: After Death

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads

When using the MOD APK version of Nobodies: After Death, you will unlock extremely useful features such as Unlimited Money or No Ads.

Download Nobodies: After Death MOD APK for Android

Overall, Nobodies: After Death is a very mysterious and attractive puzzle game. It still has the style of the version of Murder Cleaner, but with more new content, and more thrilling new cases. You should note that this game has many horror scenes, which can be haunting, so please consider them before playing it. In particular, this game is not for children. And if you like this game, download Nobodies: After Death MOD APK for Android HERE.

Download Nobodies: After Death MOD APK 1.0.133 (Unlimited Money) for android
Download Nobodies: After Death for android (Version 1.0.133)
APK (Unlimited Money)
Download from Google Play
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