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Pocket Tanks MOD APK 2.7.2 (Unlocked)

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  • Blitwise Productions Llc
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    Android 5.0
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    November 6, 2022

Pocket Tanks is an extremely interesting shooting game. Your mission is just to aim and shoot accurately. Before joining this game, you should immediately read the latest analysis coming from Maxdroid.

Pocket Tanks APK MOD

Introduction to the game Pocket Tanks

Pocket Tanks is developed by BlitWise Productions, LLC. This is a pretty good and interesting turn-based shooter game. The game gives you an abundant arsenal of weapons, and each type will have a different effect.

The game has simple gameplay that makes it easy for gamers to enter. At the same time, you will quickly combine with many other people to participate more actively. You will play for hours without getting bored because Pocket Tanks are addictive.

Are you ready to bury your opponents by firing a series of shots at them? Use a variety of weapons to complete the set goals. Tank battles with intelligent AI opponents are waiting for you to discover.

In addition, when participating in Pocket Tanks, you can challenge your friends to intense matches. From there, you also find the opportunity to experience the best of tactics and action.

Discover 5 attractive game modes in the game

Pocket Tanks gives players many different choices. Accordingly, you will be able to choose 1 of 5 modes as follows:

  • 1 player mode: You need to enter your name and choose a car color to fight the computer. In this mode, there will be 10 levels arranged from easy to difficult for players. At the same time, you proceed to choose a weapon to start fighting.
  • 2-player mode: Two people will play on one computer this time. Pocket Tanks is a turn-based shooter, so it’s easy for you and another person to join. However, you have to do the naming, choose the color, choose your own weapon for your tank, then enter the game in single-player mode.
  • LAN game mode: This mode allows you to play with another person on the same LAN. To create a game screen, you need to enter a name in the Player name box and select Create game. Next, the 2nd player in the network just needs to connect with you, then both can join together.
  • Target practice mode: This mode will help you practice to play the game better. At that time, you can shoot with the machine, use all kinds of weapons, and have no limit on the number of shots.
  • Options mode: Allows players to set up modes for the game screen such as weapon destruction level, wind level, and custom resolution.

Freely choose the type of bullets to attack the opponent

Pocket Tanks integrate about 250 different types of ammunition. This helps gamers fight well to defeat opponent quickly. You can choose from several types such as:

  • Single Shot: Ammo type to fire 1 shot.
  • 3 Shot: Ammo used to fire 3 consecutive shots.
  • Homing Missile: Used to shoot close to the tank called a chasing missile weapon.
  • Spider: Function to shoot down enemy tanks when approaching.
  • FireCracker: A weapon with great destructive power called fire bullets.
  • Heatseeker: This is a missile, but it cannot chase tanks.
  • Sniper Rifle: Need to aim accurately before firing so that the enemy’s car is bounced high.
  • Magic Wall: The bullet has the effect of reducing the opponent’s attack power because each shot will erect a wall.
  • Dirt Slinger: Used to shoot enemy tanks and form a mountain. From there, the enemy cannot shoot us because if they shoot they will lose points.
  • Dirt Mover: Ammo used to destroy mountains, suitable for use when there are high mountains or the enemy is using Dirt Slinger bullets.

Before going to battle, you should visit your arsenal for details. This is also a way for you to learn tactics and make the right decisions to destroy opponents quickly.

Pocket Tanks APK MOD

Extremely fast-paced game brings many interesting things

Pocket Tanks is a fast-paced game with lots of fun. Join the game, it is also the time when you immerse yourself in the battle between two tanks to destroy the opponent with fire or shoot around. This has become a simple strategy game and suitable for playing with many people.

Pocket Tanks is the gathering place for true tank warriors. You will find top competitive opportunities in this thrilling game.

Not stopping there, the game has many different levels. Use the flamethrower to destroy all enemies. Or players can easily wipe out the entire map with their accurate shots.

However, you need to understand the rules of Pocket Tanks to avoid confusion. Accordingly, to destroy the enemy, you must wait for your turn and choose your weapon carefully. At the same time, you choose the angle of fire, and force ratio and press the “fire” button, the bullets will follow the path and reach your opponent.

Be satisfied with the big explosions in the game that mark the defeat of the enemy

In the game Pocket Tanks, you will be provided with maps. When fighting the enemy, it’s also time to create fiery tank battles. If the opponent loses, they will quickly explode.

To achieve a high score in Pocket Tanks, you need to shoot accurately and make a standard plan. You can bury enemy tanks with dirt or attack them. Besides, your vehicle will be stuck in a different terrain after each shot.

Pocket Tanks APK MOD

In each shot, you will have different types of squares to adjust the type of bullet, firing force and angle of fire. Try to adjust in a reasonable way to cause great damage to the opponent. The terrain in the Pocket Tanks game is also very diverse, if you encounter a position that is too high, adjust the tilt of the barrel relative to the ground.

Overall, Pocket Tanks has 2D graphics, along with simple gameplay that is suitable for many ages. If you are a fan of artillery games, do not miss this game. All you need to do is download now and experience the fun for yourself.

Download now mod version – Unlocked All Content, Items

If you want to get the perfect experience when playing Pocket Tanks, download the Unlocked All Content, Items version now. This feature has now unlocked all content and items. Thanks to that, players will easily complete missions, defeat opponents and become the best artillery soldier.

No matter how fierce the battle in Pocket Tanks is, it will not let you down. The more you face the difficulty level, the more you show that you have a good fighting ability. All thanks to the support of the mod feature and unlocking all weapons at the store, making you ready to serve the battle process.

Above is a detailed analysis of Pocket Tanks as well as the attractiveness of this game. If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of fighting with formidable opponents, join now. I believe you will find moments of extreme entertainment thanks to this game.

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