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    April 26, 2022

PUBG: NEW STATE is a completely new and different version compared to the PUBG Mobile game. Players can download it to their smartphones on both iOS and Google Play platforms. Through this article, Maxdroid will introduce to you the most interesting things about the game PUBG: NEW STATE. In addition, do not forget to follow maxdroid.net to continuously update the latest APK + MOD games and applications.

NEW STATE Mobile for Android


PUBG: NEW STATE is a game developed by the father of the original PUBG game – KRAFTON and PUBG Studio, a game manufacturer from Korea. However, this new version is completely different from the PUBG Mobile version released in 2017(This is the version born to penetrate the Chinese market of billions of people, after the bans of the government of this country).

The setting of PUBG: NEW STATE is in the year 2051, and the player will be transported to the future world. Once there, the player will go to a city called Troi which is located outside the Lansing area of Michigan. This is a broken society that splits into different factions, also the time when hunters appear.

NEW STATE Mobile for Android

In this futuristic setting, players will experience the post-apocalyptic world with a leap forward of 31 years. Therefore, the game will have many chances to attract players, from the environment, and gameplay to many new modes.

The gameplay of the game PUBG: NEW STATE

The opening of the game PUBG: NEW STATE is a scene of heavy destruction and dilapidation. Because at this point, there is no government, and many factions fight with each other. These wars have devastated everything, and they show no sign of stopping. When you come here, you are the last ray of light in the hope of ending this series of dark days.

The gameplay of PUBG: NEW STATE has not changed much compared to the original version. Your goal is still to survive. Here you will have to compete with other players to become the last survivor.

To start this fight, all players will be put on a plane to fly across the map. From here, the player can choose their own parachute location, and then they have to find the weapons and equipment needed to fight. Choose your skydiving and landing locations wisely. Places like the jungle or the vast savanna will have nothing for you. Because equipment and weapons will be available in abandoned buildings or houses…

Game mode in PUBG: NEW STATE

Coming to PUBG: NEW STATE, you can choose to play in classic mode (Survival), Arcade mode, or Arena. Arcade mode will focus on entertainment. Here, you will participate in combat with many people, destroy them, score points and win. If you unfortunately die but still have time, you can still respawn.

Arena mode will be tougher, because players will have many settings from Gun Game, Arena Training, Domination, Team Deathmatch, and Assault. You can learn specifically these settings to choose from when participating in the game.

NEW STATE Mobile for Android

PUBG: NEW STATE has many new experiences

Coming to this game, you will have the choice of a first or third-person perspective. The first-person perspective will give players a real immersive feeling, so the perspective will be more intuitive. And the 3rd perspective is wider, you will easily cover a larger area.

For the convenience and suitability of each player, you can also adjust the control mechanism by changing the position of the virtual keys. Please set up before starting each match.

The game also has many new changes in terrain, weapons, equipment, resources, and characters. Therefore, players will have new feelings when participating in this game.

Equipment has quite a lot of interesting changes. For example, maps that provide weapons and defenses are more advanced. A protective shield will help protect you from enemy bombs. And the weapons are also more modern when you can customize the firing modes and improve them for more damage.

Along with that, the vehicles are also more interesting with a more eye-catching appearance, they are even capable of destroying enemies. And thanks to these, you can have attack strategies to increase your chances of winning. In addition, you can also search for suitable skins for your character.

The game has impressive graphics

If compared with the original PUBG version, PUBG: NEW STATE is an upgrade in terms of graphics. The game brings the most realistic feeling to the player. The movement of characters, weapons, or objects in the game is very smooth.

The game has been out for a while, and players appreciate the game’s graphics quite highly. They claim that the graphic texture of PUBG: NEW STATE is the same as for PC. Brightness and sharpness are significantly improved. In addition, realistic effects help players have a more realistic experience.

Download PUBG: NEW STATE game for Android to experience

If you love the original PUBG version, you can’t miss PUBG: NEW STATE. Because it will bring you a lot of interesting things. Hopefully, the above article will help you better understand PUBG: NEW STATE. Once you love this game, download and experience it right away.

Download PUBG: NEW STATE APK for Android for android
Download PUBG: NEW STATE for Android (Version
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