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What is SMS Bomber? How to download, use and protect simply

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    April 16, 2021

What is SMS Bomber? How to download, use and protect simply

  • SMS Bomber is an SMS application that allows users to Spam text messages to other people’s phone numbers, with an unlimited number of messages. In addition to serving in marketing, this is also a tool to make fun of friends.

In this article, MAXDROID guides you to:

  • Simple online usage with BOMBitUP
  • Advantages and disadvantages of SMS Spam?
  • How to stop free SMS Bomber?  

Come on, let’s answer each issue!

1. How to use SMS Bomber in a simple way

There are hundreds of apps that send mass messages on different Android apps. However, not all of them are really good and secure for you. The app that works best today is BOMBitUP.  

1.1. What is BOMBitUP?

BOMBitUP is one of the best apps on Android that can do SMS Bomber. With BOMBitUP, you can send unlimited messages to any contact. Compared to other Spam SMS apps on other phones, it’s pretty easy to use and fun.

In particular, BOMBitUP apk is more interesting in that: it allows you to send WhatsApp messages, unlimited emails, ….. You can use this BOMBitUP application to tease your friends or for marketing purposes.  

BOMBitUP is an messaging spam tool that is used the most today

1.2. The features of BOMBitUP

So why did everyone choose BOMBitUP for SMS Bomber? It is thanks to the following features:

Compared to other SMS Spam tools, BOMBitUP is easier to use.

App allows you to send unlimited SMS to anyone and at any time without restriction.

This application is completely free.

With BOMBitUP, you can send unlimited SMS, email, WhatsApp messages and up to 1000 messages (1000 SMS)

It has a feature to create protected lists so that your numbers will not be spammed by spam messages.

The latest version of BOMBitUP has two different and intuitive color modes.

1.3. Instructions to install SMS Bomber on Android using BOMBitUP

Follow these simple steps to run Message Spam app on your Android phone.

Step 1: Please access the following link to download: […….]

Step 2: Scroll to the download location, tap the Download button.

Step 3: Get the downloaded BOMBitUP apk file to your phone.

SMS Bomber app Download

Step 4: Open the BOMBitUP apk file and click the button “Install”

How to install the SMS Spam application

Step 5: Once installed, open the BOMBitUP app and allow access.

Step 6: A window appears, press “OK”.

Use online to send mass messages

Step 7: Now you will see the SMS Blast window, just select the country and enter the phone number. You can also set the number of SMS.

Tool Spam SMS on Android mobile phones

Step 8: After completing the installation, tap the ‘BOMBIT’ button.

Step 9: To use other features such as WApp Spammer, Email Blast, Custom SMS, …. click on the three horizontal lines to choose from.

Send other messaging options like SMS Blast, Custom SMS, Whatsapp

So just a few simple steps, you can use this application to spam mass messages.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of SMS Bomber APK?

Using SMS Spam has advantages and disadvantages depending on the purpose. Let’s point out the benefits and consequences it can bring you:

2.1. Advantages:

● Fast deployment: bulk SMS sending allows you to mass-send messages to all your users at the same time. This will save you time and get results fast.

● High cost efficiency: It is highly cost effective. All other advertising sources such as Advertising on TV, Newspapers, Banner, …. are expensive. Compared to bulk sms marketing, it is very cheap.

● The rate to open text messages is measured at 82.1%. That means out of 100 people that you send SMS Bomber with the app, 82 people will open to view them.

● You can also target specific audiences, so as to send messages and promote your brand or business in specific areas. For example, if you want sales and SMS marketing, you can send customers a coupon code, or internal deals and a link to your sales site.

  •  In particular, this Android SMS Spam application does not reveal the identity of the sender, or any other personal information. This way, the receiver will not know the sender.

      ● In addition, SMS Bomber Apk does not make any restriction on message length, so you can send unlimited long text messages to your friends.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Spam SMS

2.2. Disadvantages:

As noted above, Spam messages can be aimed at teasing friends. And this has a negative effect on the victim. You can be sued if this loss goes beyond the limit.

In addition, if you do not use marketing cleverly, you can make customers feel more annoyed, which in turn adversely affects your brand.

Using SMS Bomber Online has 2 sides. If you are a person that gets spam messages ( receive 10-15 messages in 1 minute), surely you will feel very uncomfortable, and you do not know who the sender is? Although Google has banned some SMS Spam apps, there are many alternative tools born to do this.

So how can you prevent other people from spamming your phone? This is the last important part that MAXDROID wants to give you.

3. How to stop SMS Bomber-free?

Android BOMBitUP application that MAXDROID mentioned above can protect you from SMS Spam. If your phone number is in the protected list of the app BOMBitUP (Protection List), no one can attack mass messages on your phone number anymore.

Protect against message attacks with BOMBitUP

If you still receive Spam messages even after adding your phone number to BOMBitUP apk, they are probably using that application’s OTP API script to log in.

In this case, it is quite difficult to prevent SMS Spam. But you can report it to cybersecurity, and that’s the case with online threat complaints and reporting.

In addition, notify the Text Spam application that someone is trying to steal information. The application will be able to change, and the attacker will lose access to the API.

Finally, BUMBitUP is an application for Android mobile phones that has the function of sending SMS Bomber. It can be incredibly effective in marketing if you do it right. However, if you are the victim of the joke caused by SMS Spam and you do not like it, take the measures that MAXDROID mentioned above to protect yourself.

Download What is SMS Bomber? How to download, use and protect simply for android
Download SMS Bomber Bombitup (Version 4.1.1)
Download from Google Play
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