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  • KingsGroup Holdings
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    4.1 and up
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    February 1, 2020

Developer Kingsgroup Holdings, the “father” of Z Day: Hearts of Heroes and Dino War, has just launched a new mobile survival game called State of Survival. In the game, you will gather an army of survivors with special abilities, in order to together fight the zombie disease and gain control of the country.

General introduction

Welcome to the wasteland of the strategy game State of Survival. The game revolves around the story, about a world on the verge of destruction after a zombie epidemic. It has been six months since the disease outbreak. Six months of terror, isolation, dificult and hardship. Most people cannot survive. But you did it. So now you have the duty to save the nation from the infection of zombies! Anyone who can control this epidemic can stand up to own the country.

Infection broke out across the country and erased civilization, leaving only its original survival instinct. Any living army or government must be evacuated to the ground. The ground currently belongs to people infected with the zombie virus. But that is not all. There are many brave survivors who are trying to survive every day and fight against the bloodthirsty zombies.

State of Survival  Game

When you come to the streets to kill zombies, the battles in State of Survival take place in a defensive way like the Tower Defense games. You will build automatic gun emplacements and team up to shoot non-stop into extremely crowded bloodthirsty zombies. In addition, players also receive the help of a loyal dog.

Make friends or fight with other survivors. Do whatever you need to survive. This will not be easy because the infected people are everywhere, resources are scarce, and beside, you have to find a way to collect all the necessary tools and weapons, it will help you to survive in the chaotic society of the State of Survival.

State of Survival Features

  • Rebuilding: This survival game takes players to an old settlement and your task is to rebuild it into a safe refuge for survivors, and a strong base for the empire in your post-apocalyptic world.
  • Helping: Rescue other survivors to increase the number of people in your group, strengthen your power. Locate the people with special abilities, they will become heroes in the battle against this pandemic.
  • Research: The zombie disease is rapidly changing. Learn to understand it. Anyone who can control the disease will have control over the country.
  • Socialize Quantity gives strength. Create allies and strategic partnerships to survive through the nightmare in the wasteland with countless zombies. Join forces to crush anyone who wants to take advantage of you.
  • Recover the world order: This is humanity 2.0. You will be the one who recovers the rules for human progress.


State of Surviva is a dangerous new world and also has many potential risks. Nevertheless, great power awaits those who are brave enough to capture it. But remember to be alert behind your back, not every survivor is as friendly as they seem.If you want to experience the game, just download the apk file we provided, then install as usual and enjoy the game.

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