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Stupid Zombies 2 1.5.4 (MOD, Unlocked)

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    February 7, 2020

Stupid Zombies 2 is an interesting zombie game. Instead of being scared of a crowded, aggressive and cunning zombie like in other games, in Stupid Zombies, silly zombies are just like steles for you to discharge bullets.

Stupid Zombies 2

General introduction

Players of Stupid Zombies 2 do not just stand in one place, wait for the zombies to come and shoot them in a boring manner. Instead, you can choose one of the two male or female hero characters, use a variety of weapons, take advantage of the environment. The terrain of the game has a extrmely diverse designe and sometimes very tricky to hit the target.


Right from the name of Stupid Zombies 2, gamers can understand the nature of the game –  the game are like dolls or steles for us to practice shooting.

Designed the image of the zombie character in the game, combined with quite unique and attractive gameplay, with the purpose to impress the players. Game belongs to the TDS shooting game genre with many new features, in which the zombie forces will stand in one place. Gamers need to choose an appropriate angle to shoot, helping to defeat the most zombies as possible.

Stupid Zombies 2

Players will have a certain number of shots but limited, and zombies will be arranged in different positions depending on the screen play. And the type of bullet you provide to deal with monsters is also very special. The fired bullet will hit the edges of the object in space, then will deal damage to the undead if it collide with them. These bullets have a “very virtual” path that only the direct player can feel clearly.


If other zombie-killing games scare players before the onslaught of fierce zombies, Stupid Zombies 2 is the exact opposite, we are not afraid of zombies but zombies themselves scare us. The player’s achievement will calculate through how fast you kill the zombies, fast or slow and have achieved a headshot?Professional players need to achieve all of the above criteria, and the results will be get the 3 biggest stars. In addition, there are times when you will encounter unexpected victories, in some shots that you seem to be unable to win.

Compared to the first version of Stupid Zombies, this new version has been slightly improved in terms of form and gameplay, but generally retains a static setting, creating a character loyal to the original. The soundtrack primarily designed to include gunfire, the sound of bullets and sometimes the moans of zombies.


  •  Zombie killing game in free and interesting puzzle style.
  •  Own 500 completely new levels.
  •  Choose a male or female hero character.
  •  Interesting and engaging gameplay.
  •  Use a variety of weapons such as guns, bombs … to kill zombies.
  •  Take advantage of the game environment to put the bullet path in the right direction.
  •  Environment, game terrain with diverse designs.


Although not a top game, Stupid Zombies 2 owns a fun and quite attractive game play. This is a game you can experience in any free time, with 10 million other players around the world.

Stupid Zombies 2

Mod feature

Most players will know the original APK of game with the experience the developer brings. But Mod Apk is a great thing you should try, with the following remarkable advantages. MOD, Unlocked: Normally, you will have to overcome a lot of levels to get more money and buy everything. Instead, in  Mod Apk, you will be unlocked for everything. With this version, you can upgrade characters, shop for everything and use every feature in the game without thinking about the price, because they are unlocked completely free. Join Stupid Zombies 2 to overcome all challenges of the levels, and achieve the highest number of stars.

Download Stupid Zombies 2 1.5.4 (MOD, Unlocked) for android
Download Stupid Zombies 2 for Android (Version 1.5.4)
APK (MOD, Unlocked)
Download from Google Play
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