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Tower Crush (MOD, Unlimited Coins)

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    October 21, 2019

Tower Crush is one of the best indie games in 2016. In the game, you will build a turret up to 6 floors high, arrange weapons to attack the nearby turret. If either side’s tower is completely demolished first, they will lose.

General introduction

Tower Crush belongs to the indie game series with unique gameplay. The player’s task is to build turret. You must try to develop a single-story tower up to 6 solid floors, then equip them with many weapons, and upgrades, improve to be able to defeat many opponents in fierce battles. It can be said that this is a game that perfectly combines action and strategy gameplay.

Tower Crush Playground

In this playground, gamers will both play the role of an architect and a talented military. Your mission is to build your defense tower more powerful, you must arrange powerful weapons and bombard the tower of the enemy. Each game screen will have two turrets, one is yours and the other belongs to enemies. The battle will take place in a 1-on-1 fashion, not like a defensive tower that forces you to fight the enemy army, such as Tower Defense or Defense Zone tower games. Each tower will have an energy bar (or bar blood). Which tower is exhausted first, completely collapsed in front of the opponent, they will lose. Therefore, it is very important to build the turret, the tactics to choose the weapons, the layout of which weapons.

How to play Tower Crush

Allow each turret of each side to build up to 6 floors and equip each grade with a weapon such as machine gun, cannon, flamethrower, rocket, laser gun … All weapons can be upgraded in the process of playing to match the increasing challenges. Besides, gamers can upgrade guns, turrets to increase firepower and defense. Then, take advantage of the items that the system gives to increase blood, freeze enemies, increase armor for the tower … quickly. At the end of each stage, whether you win or lose, the player earns a lot, more or less depending on your achievement. Use this money to reinforce the tower and weapons to get ready for the next game.

Game mode

Tower Crush has 2 attractive game modes for gamers to experience, including campaign mode and Online. In campaign mode, you will fight with machines, do not need a network connection and the screen play will be increasingly difficult. Gamers can practice their skills, accumulate more battle experience, and they can defeat their opponents as quickly as possible, minimize damage to their towers.

In online battle mode, you need to be online and compete directly with another player. The screen play in this mode will be much more dramatic and interesting. Gameplay and tactics also need to change flexibly, depending on the ability of your opponent.


  • Successful gameplay and attractive gamemod
  • Building towers with detailed, eye-catching 2d graphics.
  • More than 280 different levels in campaign mode.
  • Maximum upgrade to 6 floors of the tower.
  • 10 types of weapons of destruction, 8 heroes and 7 types of magic.
  • Support online PvP combat in real time.
  • Relatively simple, easy to play, lightweight.


Tower Crush is designed with extremely beautiful graphics. And carefully meticulous invested images, shooting effects. Besides, the lively sound combined with exciting gameplay gives gamers the extremely refreshing entertainment. More specifically, this game provided players for free to download and experience. Are you ready to participate in the fierce battle ahead? It’s time, design a smart tower, equip yourself with powerful weapons and defeat the enemies to win glory and victory.

Features of Tower Crush 1.1.43 (MOD, Unlimited Coins)

Besides the Tower Crush version provided by the publisher Impossible App, we will bring you the modified version of this game. Tower Crushmod apk will change a little bit, so players can easily achieve the desired things in the game quickly. You will receive unlimited coins as well as use them as you like. With this version, you can completely upgrade guns, turrets to increase firepower, defense as well as overcome all levels easily. You just need to download the apk file we provided, install as usual and enjoy the game.


Download Tower Crush (MOD, Unlimited Coins) for android
Download Tower Crush 1.1.43 apk (Version 1.1.43)
40 Mb
Download from Google Play
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