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MORTAL KOMBAT: The Ultimate Fighting Game! MOD APK 3.2.0 (God Mode)

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    5.0 and up
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    April 1, 2021

Surely the 8x and 9x generations still haven’t forgotten the countervailing game – a super blockbuster at a time, called Mortal Kombat, also known as the Black Dragon game? First released in 1990, it is always at the top of the market. The publisher Warner Bros International Enterprises always refine and improve the image every time a new version appears. The game will help you experience the feeling of becoming a true fighter, with memorable battles. Join the battle between life and death.

With a countervailing game – the winner and the loser, Morta Kombat built the character system that is only available in Marvel or DC movies. There are characters introduced through a short video. Thereby helping you understand that character better.


Countervailing game mode

With 1vs1 game mode, you will choose a character to fight with another character in the game. To win, you have to be extremely skillful, and especially understand what your character has strengths and weaknesses. Try to dodge the opponent’s attack, and attack quickly. To do that, certain skills and experience are an indispensable part. There are hundreds of characters for you to explore, it takes quite a long time to understand. The match is quite fast-paced, with continuous attacks, tit-for-tat between two gladiators, you will not be able to take your eyes off your phone. If you lose your focus, you can be outbid afterward.

With 3vs3 play mode, you will choose your favorite 3 characters in that system, and participate in the vertical battle of the opponent. The opponent will appear gradually. You will fight each character one by one. Try to win to receive experience, thereby upgrading your characters to become stronger. This is the latest model of this game, promising to bring many surprises to the player.

In addition, there is a countervailing mode, if you are too bored with the two modes above because you cannot find a worthy opponent, let’s come to Faction Wars. You can continue to master the traditional solo mode with the skills of a top warrior. Challenge players to climb to the top of the MORTAL KOMBAT rankings. Be one of the top players in the game!


Diverse character system

With hundreds of different characters, you will meet the familiar characters of this series such as Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Kitana, Ermac and many more. Not stopping there, the game also updates some new characters, such as Ermac has the power to move all objects. Or Liu Kang with Chinese-branded Kungfu moves. In addition, there are names you cannot ignore such as Sonya, Jax, Kung Lao, Kitana, and Johnny Cage. There are many characters for you to start exploring. The game also allows you to develop and customize the character, making the battle more surprising, because it is difficult for you to guess what the opponent is playing. It creates a bit more mystery and tactical calculation, not just focusing on fighting alone.


Mortal Kombat MOD APK helps players avoid attacks from enemies through the God Mode feature. If you don’t like spending too much time avoiding attacks, let’s use this version. It will help you win the opponent more easily. The choice is yours.

Graphic design

The first version of this series was developed in 2D. Currently, Mortal Kombat has reached the 11th part, with a 3D viewing angle and increased image quality. Besides, the scenes of blood and killing will be more eye-catching than ever. Violent 3D graphics take you deep into the battle, it depicts the action in a very realistic and sharp manner. As for the audio, I can only say that is great. This is a game that you cannot play in silent mode. The sound in the game makes us feel more interesting. The sound of the blow felt extremely real.


Mortal Kombat brings exciting moments. You can play it anytime anywhere. No need to argue about the popularity and appeal of this game, the game deserves to be one of the best countervailing games, which has been proven for decades. Do you want to experience the battle between life and death? Let’s join the battles in MORTAL KOMBAT Mobile right now! Visit our website regularly to discover more cool games and do not forget to leave your review of the game! Have a fun game!

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