Download Garena Free Fire Mod APK (Aim) + OBB for Android

garena free fire mod apk
Download Garena Free Fire Mod APK (Aim) + OBB for Android
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By the end of 2017, the gaming market has witnessed the explosion of many exciting Battle Royale games. Leading up to that trend, we have to mention to Fortnite Apk and PUBG. However, it will be failed unless we mention many attractive games of other manufacturers such as NetEase, GARENA, … Today, I would like to introduce to you an attractive Battle Royale game named Garena Free Fire, which is a great fun game, is compatible with many mobile devices. Although Garena Free Fire was released nearly the same time with many other popular Battle Royale games, it immediately attracted the attention of many players in Southeast Asia and in the world. Up to now, the game has gone through many major updates that bring many features and great tournaments with many attractive rewards. Garena Free Fire will be a smaller scale battle than many games of the same mobile game genre. You will only play with 49 other people in a small map, in which each match is only in about 10 minutes. The game will bring the players the special competition. Garena Free Fire deserves to be one of the most attractive Battle Royale games ever on mobile. In this article, we together explores the game’s features, gameplay and more about the game as well as the modified version of Garena Free Fire mod apk.

garena free fire mod apk

How to play

Garena Free Fire is also quite similar to many other Battle Royale games that involve players taking part in some familiar battle forms such as Solo, Duo, Squad… with 50 players in a map and facing many challenges from enemies or BO rings. You will have some time to prepare before going into this intense fight. When the system has found enough players, the game will start. You will be taken to an aeroplane to fly to the island. Upon arrival at the island, you can quickly press the parachute icon to jump off and fly down to the island. You can customize some things while flying such as speed control or navigation to change the landing location. You do not have a height gauge so you can only see and calculate with your eyes. When the open icon appears, click on it immediately. When you land on the ground, you should quickly find shelter, weapons and other items. You can click on the map and observe. Where there are many houses, there are many weapons and items for you. Of course, there will also be many enemies. You can easily control your character with virtual keys placed on the phone screen and some other operations such as jumping, sitting, lying, etc. When you get close to weapons and items, they will show you everything on the right side of your screen. You will see everything placed in the same place, which you can just click on them to collect.

Garena Free Fire will also have tools to help players move faster. In the game, you can drive the car like a racing game. You will be able to see the safe area on the island gradually shrinking through alerts and observations on the small map. When you receive these notifications, you should immediately check that your location is safe or not. If you are in a dangerous area, you have to immediately move into the circle. In addition, Garena Free Fire will also have additional hazards in areas that are bombing areas. They are red and dangerous. When you are standing in it means you are in real danger, in which you should move quickly out there. If you can not do it, you can go in and hide in the works to avoid the danger. The player’s skill is the decisive factor in winning the game. But these skills will be a lot, which is not only the ability to shoot guns but also the trick in the way of moving and fighting. You cannot defeat all 49 people alone. You should try to survive the longest to win the glory.

garena free fire mod apk

The game modes in Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire offers many interesting game modes for the player. They are based on personal skills, teamwork, competition, etc. Through this, the game modes are created and supported by the players. Let’s take a look at the modes available in Garena Free Fire:

  • Warfare: This mode is released on the 1st anniversary of Garena Free Fire. The match will have 20 or 21 players parachuting down randomly around the BO area on the military island. You will try to fight and become the last survivor of the map. In this mode, you will be able to pick up all the weapons that are the Level 3 items.
  • Ranking: This is a mode for those who like to compete, in which you will play against other players with options such as Solo, Duo and Squad. There will be 6 different levels from low to high including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Legendary. In each category, there are small milestones to evaluate the process of the players.
  • Raceway: 40 people will participate in random racing to participate in a shooting car race. Players will get in the car, pick up car upgrading package, weapons and defence to start fighting.

garena free fire mod apk


Garena Free Fire offers up to 18 different types of guns. Although this number is not yet abundant, there are certainly more weapons available in the future. You should learn how to use 18 kinds of weapons when you have them. Each player will bring the maximum of 3 weapons. You will have a main weapon, an extra weapon and a slot for a shotgun. Let’s find out the guns for you to make your own choice:

1, Guns: They include 3 types, which you will easily find on the island.

  • USP: Low damage, 12 bullets and 3 accessories.
  • G-18: Low damage, 15 bullets and 1 accessory.
  • Desert Eagle: Average damage, 7 bullets and 2 accessories.

2, SMG has only two types including MP5 and UMP. The parameters of these two are very similar. They all have average damage, 30 bullets cartridge-clip and 5 accessories.

3, Assault Rifle: This is the most popular gun in Garena Free Fire with 6 different types.

  • AK: Medium to high damage, 30 bullets and 5 accessories.
  • M4A1: Average damage, 30 bullets and 5 accessories.
  • M14: High damage, 15 bullets and 5 accessories.
  • SCAR: Average damage, 30 bullets and 5 accessories.
  • SKS: High damage, 10 bullets and 5 accessories.
  • Groza: Average damage, 30 bullets and 5 accessories.

4, Shotguns and Heavy Weapons: This type will have the ability to melee and get the advantage when facing an opponent

  • M1014: Very high damage, 7 bullets and no accessories.
  • M1873: High damage, 2 bullets and 1 accessory.
  • M249: Medium to high damage, 100 bullets and 1 accessory
  • M79: High damage, 1 bullet and 1 accessory.

5, Sniper Rifle: This type of gun is used for remote sniping

  • Kar98k: High damage, 5 bullets and 3 accessories.
  • AWM: High damage, 5 bullets and 4 accessories.
  • VSS: Average damage, 15 bullets and 2 accessories.

garena free fire mod apk

The requirements for installing Garena Free Fire mod apk for the Android phone

Garena Free Fire is designed for most mobile devices. You can easily download this game on the store. With the great features, the game size is very large. This will require those who want to play it need to prepare the memory of the device well. You will need about 700 Mb of memory space. You also need to be aware that your phone must be running Android 4.0.3 or higher to ensure the game operates smoothly. Garena Free Fire mod apk will be a modified version and bring a bit of ease to the player. Garena Free Fire MOD (Aim) will help players look better. But this does not mean that you will definitely defeat your enemies easily. You will be able to get down quickly and still need to play with your maximum abilities. To install Garena Free Fire mod apk please follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall the old version of the game that you have installed before
  2. Download the 2 files of the game at the download link at the bottom of the article.
  3. Open the download folder and copy the OBB file (with the zip extension) to the folder named /sdcard/Android/obb/. Then proceed to extract the file.
  4. Back to the download file and install the game’s APK MOD file.
  5. After finishing, open and enjoy the game.


Garena Free Fire is one of the most attractive games. It has attracted so many players into the fights. If you have a smartphone, you should not miss this. The Garena Free Fire mod apk will also bring some advantages to the players. We will continually update the latest version of this game. If you really love this game, please pin our article to discover more new features of the game. Do not forget to leave your evaluation on this game. Thanks and have a fun game!

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