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    August 27, 2020

Instagram is a great application for sharing a photo or short video on mobile. Today, we do not want to introduce to you Instagram. Instead, we would like to give you an application called GBInstagram (GBinsta). It is similar to Instagram but unlocked many more attractive features for the users. GBInstagram has the same developer with GBWhatsApp (The most famous Mod version of WhatsApp Messenger).

Instagram is used to share beautiful and interesting photos, which is very good at privacy. You can share your photos that no one can download. There are other ways that you can get those pictures, such as screen capture, cropping… but they will be a bit annoying. GBInstagram will be a great solution to do this with the most compelling feature allowing you to download the shared original image and video. In this article, we will study the most interesting features of GBInstagram for Android phones.

GBInstagram apk download

What is GBInstagram?

For you to understand more about GBInstagram, it is a modified app of Instagram. It was developed by Atnfas Hoak based on the original Instagram application. You may assume that any Mod app will be very dangerous for your account. But GB Instagram will be very secure with your accounts. In which, you will not be banned and your account information will be absolutely safe. I have also become a GBInstagram user for a long time, who uses it to store interesting photos and videos. GBInstagram was also developed to be able to be installed in parallel with the original Instagram application. This is great sense when the technology that splits the screen of mobile devices is becoming more and more popular. You can use GBInstagram and Instagram at the same time on a screen. In the future, GBInstagram will be able to have a lot of attractive features to bring more fun to users. When using it, you should not forget the efforts from the developer Atnfas Hoak.

How does GBInstagram work?

This application is similar to Instagram. However, if you are a fan of discovery and customization, you should download and use GBInstagram. The Atnfas Hoak developer has added customizable codes and Smali files in the app, which will help users enjoy the theme and apply it quickly. If you have tried out some other Instagram mods, you will find that these Mods will require you to have a rooted device to be able to add and use Instagram Mod. This would be quite complicated for many people. GBInstagram will be a lot simpler, in which you just prepare a regular phone and install the app simply.

GBInstagram apk download

Key features of GBInstagram

There are many attractive features in GBInstagram. However, many people will still find it difficult to explore the features available in GBInstagram, so I will introduce them to you as below:

  • Download everything: Downloading is a great feature of GBInstagram. You can download everything very simply with one click. You can even download stories instead of the usual screenshots. I will detail the way on how to download images and videos with specific images at the bottom of this post.
  • Update: For applications that are modified, you will find that they are very slow to update or even never updated. But with GBInstagram, it is always updated based on the latest version of Instagram. You will not need to worry about the missing features. You can also pin our posts to get regular updates on GBInstagram.
  • Multiple accounts: GBInstagram allows users to use multiple accounts in this app. You can go to the personal section and see the changes appearing here with a lot of unique features that you hardly expect to.
  • Managing the notifications: The number of notifications will be displayed to show you how many notifications that you have received. This feature will make your phone easily manage the notification of many other applications on the task section.
  • Zoom in-out the image and video: GBInstagram has done a very good job of what Instagram has not done yet, which is to view the images and videos in a zoom-in form. GBInstagram will allow you to do this easily by clicking the ellipsis icon – GB Options – Preview.
  • Theme: GBInstagram allows users to create themes for the application their way. You can easily download and apply them whenever you want. If you love exploring, you can create more creative themes.
  • No account banned: There are many different mod versions on Google. Therefore, when you use those versions, it is easy to get bugs that lead to account bans. But with GBInstagram, you can be assured that it is absolutely safe.
  • Copying the Bio: If you love someone’s Bio, you will normally rewrite that Bio for your account. This will be very complex and will cost you little effort. GBInstagram will be a great solution for you to copy and paste quickly.
  • Copying the comments: GBInstagram will allow users to copy the comments of other users by clicking on others’ comments and copy them with a click. This will create a lot of excitement for your conversation.
  • Share, Copy Url of Video and Image: If you want to quickly introduce to your friends the information available on GBInstagram, you just need to send them the URL of the specific post that they can check everything immediately. You can share this link on other social networks.

Download and install the latest GBInstagram for Android

Installing GBInstagram is simple and easy. Anyone using Android 4.0 and above will be able to install it in the same way as regular apps. If you need a better understanding of how to download and install GBInstagram, please follow the steps below:

  1. The first, you need to download the GBInstagram app at the link at the bottom of the article.
  2. The second, you will need to go to your phone’s settings, security section and click allow to install applications from unknown sources.
  3. The third, waiting for the download completed, click on the downloaded APK file and click Install to start the installation process.
  4. Finally, when you finish the installation, you can open the application and log in using the account to use immediately.

How to download photos and videos in GBInstagram

When using GBInstagram, you can see the followers’ sharing photos or short videos. You can use GBInstagram to download everything quickly. Downloading image or video is quite similar. When you see a photo or video, you can look at the ellipsis icon appearing in the corner of the photos and videos. You can click on it to see many of your interactions with users who share the photos or videos such as sharing links, sharing messages, unfollow… But you should pay attention to GB Options section and click on it. In which, you will also see the download section. You can follow the photos below for more information.

GBInstagram apk download


With GBInstagram, I am sure that it will help you have a better social network experience with added features. Currently, it is difficult to find any application that is better than GBInstagram on the market. If you have any problems with downloading GBInstagram from our site, please leave a comment below. We will fix it quickly. You can visit our website regularly to download the best apps and games for your Android phone. Thanks and have a great mobile using time!

Download GBInstagram (Mod, Official) for android
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