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    March 23, 2023

Idle Games often follow the motif of a certain type of operation and business. But have you ever tried playing an idle game that allows you to create a complete human body? And above all, the complete structure of the human body. All of these will be expressed in the most realistic way in Idle Human MOD APK. Let’s explore this game through our article below!

Idle Human APK + MOD

About Idle Human

With an extremely new and unique theme, the idle game of the publisher Green Panda Games has quickly attracted millions of players after only a few weeks of launch. Green Panda Games is a publisher specializing in the production of Idle games with extremely interesting gameplay. Bee Factory is one of the games of this genre that I have brought to you in previous articles. In Idle Human, you will learn the structure of the human body, the structure of bones, the circulatory system, the respiratory system, the nervous system, and the digestive system.

Building the cell system in the human body

If you are the gym boss in Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon, in Idle Human, you are a doctor whose task is to discover and create a complete human body. The common point of idle games is that they all have simple gameplay, making it easy for players to access and master the game’s features. And this game is no exception.

The game gives you a list of body parts that need to be perfected, and your task is to get as many cells as possible to create organs such as bones, circulatory systems, and muscles. In fact, there is no mandatory process. You can create a lung before a skeleton is formed. Whichever part you create first, the ultimate goal is to create a complete human body.

Idle Human APK + MOD

On your screen, you’ll see a spinning human body and a list of sections to complete. The number of cells is shown at the top, and it increases in seconds. You can tap the call icon to the right to instantly create more cells.

Complete human body

At the bottom of the screen, Idle Human gives you a list of parts that you can respawn. The game divides the human body into four parts: bones, organs, control center, muscles, and skin. Some sections will be unlocked as you complete others. For example, the Brain is automatically unlocked when you upgrade your Heart to level 2500 and the Liver to level 1000.

Cells are created continuously even while you are sleeping. So is this game. Since Idle Human is an idle game, the number of cells in the body will be generated automatically even when you are offline. After sleeping, you will get a large number of cells to improve human body parts. In addition, you can increase the number of offline cells in the Refresh section

Sharp 3D graphics

This game is really suitable for those who have a dream of becoming a doctor. Sharp 3D graphics and realistic human body simulation give you the clearest view of the human body. You can see the human internal organs, bones, and internal organs from many different angles.

Bringing interesting knowledge about the human body

Here is some information that “you may not know” about the human body that Idle Human provides for everyone to use. This information is displayed below the cell count and is displayed continuously: it changes every few seconds. Therefore, this game can clearly be considered a “library” that brings a huge treasure of knowledge about the human body!

Idle Human APK + MOD

Idle Human is a great choice for those who want to better understand the human body, study the structure of individual cells and bones, as well as understand the workings of nerves, organs, and muscles. This simulator features an intuitive interface, one-touch controls, and an eye-catching intuitive design, along with relaxing background music and gameplay that you’ll love. Enjoy its contents and rediscover the human body with Idle Human!

Various body types

After completing the body of an adult, you can unlock other bodies such as a man’s body, a woman’s body, that of a zombie, or an alien. Although we don’t know the structure of the human body, aliens still have enough. According to the information in the game, it has human-like organs such as the heart, liver, lungs, bones, etc. Only they are blue and have a strange shape, which we often see in movies about aliens.

Idle Human MOD APK Version

To get several billion cells you have to wait a long time, refresh and click many times. Diamonds are the premium currency in the game, so use them to buy and build cell systems quickly.

MOD feature

Unlimited Diamonds: If you use the MOD version of Maxdroid, you will have countless diamonds. For the fastest and most numerous cells, choose the 50 billion cell tile pack with 2,000 diamonds.

Download Idle Human MOD APK for Android

Idle Human is not just a game, it’s like a biology class, where you can learn a lot of useful knowledge about the human body and its related information. If you are curious about how it works, about the shape and structure of the human body, but you find the knowledge in books too boring and dry, this game is definitely a reasonable choice. You can download the game Idle Human MOD APK for Android.

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