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Lords Mobile – Gamota MOD APK 2.53 (Auto PVE, VIP Unlock)

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    July 8, 2021

Lords Mobile – Gamota is a game developed by IGG.COM. This game belongs to the genre of strategy games. You can check out all the apps from the developer of this game. And you can find 43 alternatives to Lords Mobile – Gamota on Android. Currently, this app is free, you can download it on Android or Google Play.

Lords Mobile - Gamota mod

Join the game, you will enter the devil land that is full of horror and mystery. A place where demons, monsters can appear anytime and anywhere. They’re incredibly fearsome, and they’re enemies that you’ll have to fight to defeat.

In order to win, you have to choose the best heroes or soldiers you love. Besides, you need to combine reasonable skills and tactics to fight and defeat the enemy. From there, build your own institution.

Upgrade your mighty soldiers and general

In any fighting game, the deeper you fight, the more dangerous you will have to face. Therefore, the troops you use also need to replenish their strength through upgrades.

In this game, the highest troop level that you can upgrade is T5. In order to upgrade your troops to this level, you need to acquire “Light Armed”. This is a very important item that you need to collect. It helps your army to gain the highest strength to fight, and wipe out the most dangerous enemy monsters.

Besides soldiers, generals – your commanding heroes also need to be upgraded. Unlike soldiers, mighty generals will be upgraded when adding their own unique skills. This helps your generals to command and lead better. At the same time also helps improve the strength of fighting the enemy. Only then can you go to the path of glory in the fastest and easiest way.

Lords Mobile - Gamota mod

Explore the open world

This is an MMO game, so the ability to connect with millions of other players is unlimited. Through the game, an open mobile world is bustling. You can chat, watch or join the battlefields of other players easily and simply.

As a typical strategy game, you need to have a strong army. Therefore, you must gather soldiers from allies in the kingdom to fight together with common enemies. This is the basic tactic that is often used in tactical fighting games.

Summon associates

This strategy will save you energy to fight many monsters. Therefore, this tactic is very important to make it easy for you to win the game. To summon, you must compromise and reconcile with monsters or demons. Then, slowly seduce and turn them into your partners.

After they become your partner, you need to train them to become warriors to fight. Use their own endless fighting powers to fight. They will become a powerful force to help you not be defeated.

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Combat tactics

So as to win, you will have to use a combination of strategies. If you succeed, you become the honored combat strategist. You must build forces and battle stance for each battle. You need to optimize different strategies to defeat enemies in this ultimate MMO game. Moreover, you become the strategist with the best combat tactics.

Lords Mobile - Gamota mod

Dragon Arena

Dangerous battles will take place on the epic Dragon arenas. In each battle, your troops will be trained and set up a security strategy to fight. Get ready to go ahead and defeat the enemy – this is the fighting slogan of the elite army you’ve built. And of course, this is the arena for you.

During the battle, the enemy will capture your talented soldiers. So now your mission to rescue them. You can break into the enemy’s garrison to rescue prisoners. Or if you can’t do that, you can also fight to take your enemies hostage, and exchange them for your troops in captivity.

Rule and change your kingdom

After dangerous and tough battles, if you win, you will step up to the top of the kingdom. From then on to become an “Emperor” with the right to rule an entire country. The important thing is how you will rule your country. Will you be a cult monarch, or a cursed dictator? This will depend on your rule of action.

Therefore, rule, change and build your kingdom on the new land in the best way, and become the great king of the kingdom. Also, building a strong empire cannot perish.

The graphic design

Fierce battles are portrayed sharp through great 3D graphic design. Players will experience a picture mode with extremely good quality. Immersive sound packed with powerful combat action. This makes the player always fascinated with each action in the game.


Lords Mobile – Gamota is an attractive strategy game that is highly appreciated by players. Through the game, you can unleash the ability to use the combat staging capabilities as a talented military officer. Or play as a general who heads a mighty army, and join the battle with dangerous hostile forces. And after all the victories, you can become an emperor again who can build a strong kingdom.

Therefore, if you are a player who is passionate about fighting tactics, download the game right now and experience this fascinating fighting game! Visit our maxdroid regularly to discover more cool games and do not forget to leave your review of the game! Have a fun game!

Download Lords Mobile – Gamota MOD APK 2.53 (Auto PVE, VIP Unlock) for android
Download Lords Mobile for android (Version 2.53)
APK (Auto PVE, VIP Unlock)
Download OBB (Version )
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