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    December 18, 2021

Today, let’s go with Maxdroid to learn about the game Solar Smash. This is a game for those who are especially obsessed with the universe, planets, or black holes. Coming to Solar Smash, you can go destroy any planet you want. In addition, the game possesses simple gameplay and extremely interesting images. Surely this game will make you happy because of its fun.

In free games, advertising is indispensable, because this is the main source of income for game publishers and producers. However, this makes you feel uncomfortable, even lose interest, because you are interrupted while playing the game. Therefore, maxdroid will send you MOD applications and games that remove ads and provide many attractive features.

Download the game Solar Smash Mod apk

Download Solar Smash – Erase the Earth from the universe

Simulation games have always attracted players, not only because of their good gameplay and compelling storyline but simply because of their “crazy”. And so does Solar Smash, it has an idea that you can’t imagine. That is, you will try to find ways to destroy the planet you live on. When you do this, you will feel like you are “Controlling” the whole universe. You will be like an almighty being who controls the life and death of everything in this vast universe.

Use superweapons to destroy the whole planet

Destroying an entire planet is not easy, because conventional weapons cannot destroy it. Therefore, you need to use hundreds of heavy weapons to do this.

Some weapons such as Supergiant nuclear missiles, powerful laser weapons, or you can use even small asteroids as a weapon. It’s like you’re playing a ball game. To break the big ball, in addition to using normal weapons, you need small balls to throw it.

Download the game Solar Smash Mod apk

Using these weapons is also quite simple. You can use super rockets to destroy each array on the planet. In the process, you will admire a one-of-a-kind beauty with this colorful display of destruction. Surely this will be the detail that the game maker’s graphics department has had to work on the most. It can be said that the image is very detailed and sharp.

As for the laser, it can also burn the planet as well as other superweapons. However, their destructive ability will be different. If you use a missile to destroy it, it will explode. As for the laser, it will burn to create burning zones deeper into the interior of the planet. However, the width is not equal to other weapons.

And most especially, you will use asteroids to destroy larger planets. It’s like when you’re playing a ball game. This is possibly the craziest idea of the game production unit.

Enjoy the feeling of being an almighty

Coming to Solar Smash, you will have the feeling of an almighty being because you can choose and destroy any planet. When you choose, the planet will be destroyed, and if you let the planet live, it will live. There are hundreds of planets to choose from, in all different sizes and colors. And it also differs in the way it is broken when using the same weapon. This is a very interesting thing that players will realize in the process of destroying weapons.

Download the game Solar Smash Mod apk

Realistic simulation of the universe with 3D graphics

The planets in Solar Smash are simulated very realistically with 3D graphics. In addition, the planets are not only simulated on one side, they are also in motion. And you will be able to observe this movement while the planet is not destroyed. Each planet will have its own character, although its beauty is not willing to be destroyed, you will still have to destroy it.

In addition to the impressive graphics, the game’s music cannot be ignored. In particular, the collision sounds between weapons and planets are very interesting. They show sharpness and neatness and create excitement for players.

And finally, we can’t help but talk about the game’s impressive effects. Planets from intact, then collided, burned, and slowly perished under your destruction. This is probably a picture showing the destruction of a certain planet. If you don’t observe it through Solar Smash, you won’t have a chance to see it in real life.

Download the game Solar Smash Mod apk

Solar Smash mod apk version

Feel free to enjoy the emotions of an almighty, as well as the supernatural images of destroying a planet. Moreover, you will not be interrupted by ads anymore. Because Solar Smash mod apk has completely removed ads for you.


Above, we have learned together about the game Solar Smash. Hopefully, through this information, you will understand more about its gameplay and attractive features. If you like this game, download it and experience it right away.

Download Solar Smash MOD APK 1.7.2 (No Ads) for android
Download Solar Smash for Android (Version 1.7.2)
APK (No Ads)
Download from Google Play
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