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Textra SMS MOD APK 4.45 (Pro Unlocked)

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    October 17, 2021

Have you ever been bored with the default SMS interface on Android? Surely the answer of many of you is yes. Because every time we text, that old interface cannot be changed. And if you are looking for a tool or application to change the interface every time you text, immediately use the Textra SMS application. Let’s find out what is interesting about this app? And why do we need to use the Textra SMS mod apk version?

Textra SMS

About Textra SMS app

Textra SMS is an application that makes it possible for Android phone users to send SMS to and from smartphone devices. When using Textra SMS, you will have access to a great collection of tools such as record when you don’t want to compose a message, delay sending a message, support for Pushbullet, Mightytext, quick deletion by sliding, and even Android Wear.

Along with that, it is highly customizable, the interface is beautiful, easy to use, and personal. There are also more than 100 themes inspired by Material Design. The way to use Textra SMS is quite simple, you just need to install it on your phone, then activate and use it. Especially, it’s completely free. Now let’s find out what those tools are below.

Why do we need to use Textra SMS app?

If you do not use a messaging application, you can still text normally when using your phone. Because each phone will support messaging with the default interface and small options included. Usually, you can still make slight changes to how the messaging interface looks. However, basically, it is still the same, that font, color, and display are not refreshed. Therefore, users will feel bored when using the same SMS screen forever.

Therefore, if you are a person who uses messages to communicate regularly, use an application to create excitement for yourself and the recipient of the message. From there, the conversation will become a lot more interesting. It will be even better if you use different Emoji sets and vivid textures on the message background. And if you are looking for such an application, download and use the Textra SMS application right away.

Textra SMS

Interesting things about using Textra SMS

Quick and easy operation

The first feeling when using Textra SMS is that the operations are easy. For example, when you need to delete a message, you just need to swipe left, then click the trash can icon and you’re done. Or if you want to make a call, you can swipe left, click on the phone icon to call without having to go to the main screen. It can be said that most of the operations are simple, fast, and convenient.

The notification is very lively

Textra SMS has the ability to display notifications in a very lively Pop-up format. You can tap that pop-up directly to reply to that message too. This comes in handy when you’re in meetings and don’t want to follow a long message thread. Every time you receive a message, you can reply immediately without having to go to the message section, which takes a lot of time and operations.

It is a very beautiful and cute application

This is the element that teenagers or couples in love choose Textra SMS to use. App maker has updated to more than 180 material design style themes. With extremely cute details, it is not only a decorative motif on the side, but it also makes you more comfortable when texting. Especially in intense arguments, it will help ease your emotions somewhat. Or at least, you can also set each person a unique texture to create interesting conversations.

Message delay feature

When you are composing a message, do you have a situation when you accidentally press the send button, or for some reason you send the wrong message? But from now on, you don’t need to worry if that’s the case anymore. With Textra SMS, you will be able to use the delay of sending feature. As long as the recipient side has not seen it, you can delay sending the message easily.

Textra SMS

Impressive ability to change

This means that you can customize the color and shape of the message bubble, choosing the icon color, brightness, and features to match the light and dark times. Moreover, you can also choose the signature, sound or notification mode, privacy… Along with that, you can also choose the font with 21 different font sizes… Lots of attractive options will help you to use Textra SMS more comfortably.

Especially, at present, Textra SMS is the only application that can recognize all over 3000 Emoji from iOS, Android, Twitter, JoyPixels operating systems. As a result, you are not afraid of losing the beauty of the icons when you send them, and the icons will not be out of focus or black and white anymore.


Textra SMS is an application that is small in size. Besides, the ability to customize is quite high with many interesting features. These are the great advantages of this application, which is also the reason that many people love and choose to use it. In addition, you can also use the Textra SMS mod apk version for more attractive features. Thanks for visiting Maxdroid, and have a fun day.

Download Textra SMS MOD APK 4.45 (Pro Unlocked) for android
Download Textra SMS for Android (Version 4.45)
APK (Pro Unlocked)
Download from Google Play
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