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Granny MOD APK 1.7.9 (God Mode)

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    June 16, 2021

Of all the game genres, it can be said that horror games are the most sought-after genre. This is not only from features such as creating a separate thrill of horror games, but it is also derived from the gameplay that mixes much strategic thinking and requires the player’s intelligent handling of situations. Referring to games of the horror genre, it is flawed without mentioning Granny games.

Granny is developed by the game publisher DVloper. DVloper has been known for many horror games before. However, Granny is the game that impresses and attracts the most attention and appreciation from users. The game has earned an extremely impressive number of over 100 million downloads, and over 2 million positive reviews. It can be said that this is a desirable number of many games. Currently, Granny is supported on both iOS and Android operating systems.

Combined between the horror genre and unique thinking, Granny promises to bring you many interesting experiences, and no less scary.

Granny (MOD, God Mode)

How to play Granny

At first glance, Granny has a gameplay that is simple but not really simple at all.

Why think Granny is simple? Because basically, Granny has a very clear storyline and quests. In the game, you will play the role of a character that was kidnapped by a ghost in the house. This ghost appears in the image of a bloody and scary grandmother. Your job is to find a way to get out of this house. The keys that aid in the movement are clearly shown on the screen. You can move with the virtual D-pad, you can stand up, sit down with the function keys. And when going through each place, you will also be instructed to work quite in detail. Also, Granny will increase the difficulty by leveling up. Therefore, you do not have to play Granny through many levels, and you do not have to get used to too many different maps.

So why is Granny so difficult to play? The woman in the game is described as being blind, but she possesses a pair of extremely hearing ears. So in the process of escaping, as long as you make even a very small sound, she can catch you. Moreover, although you can simply search for objects between rooms, the difficult thing is you need to use your mind to combine them together.

When playing, you will have 5 days, corresponding to 5 lives. Once discovered by your grandmother, you will return to your original position and continue the next day’s work. Just like that until the 5th day.

Characteristics of Granny

The game is divided into several levels

As mentioned above, Granny doesn’t have many levels. Simply put, on each level, the difficulty increases by raising the grandmother’s sound sensitivity. For example, at lower levels, you won’t see the grandmother’s appearance, or the grandmother will only appear when you take a really big impact. On more difficult levels, even the slightest sounds can bring the grandmother quickly. Be careful with this when moving in difficult levels.

There are 5 levels of play in Granny. It is Practice, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme. At the practice level, there will be no grandmother’s appearance, so you can freely explore the house, and consider making the most appropriate options. This mode is suitable for those who are starting to play. In the next modes, the difficulty will increase gradually with the level.

Granny (MOD, God Mode)

There are many factors that make it feel creepy and ghostly

Although I have to say, this is a feature found in all the other horror games, but when it comes to Granny, I still have to mention it. Because basically, Granny excelled at this element of horror. Therefore, Granny has created many curious effects from the player.

About the shape of the villain – the grandmother’s character in the game is extremely creepy and haunted. Every time she appears, you will have feelings of howling and startling fear. This is the perfect combination of shaping and sound effects.

In addition, objects in the house also have their own ancient and murky features. Most of the house is designed with wood. Therefore, sometimes when you move around, you will hear a horrible creaking sound under your feet.

The impressive graphic design and sound

Granny has an impressive 3D graphic design. Although not too elaborate in terms of shaping, but on the contrary, the graphic of Granny is appreciated for the wildness and bizarre. All images in Granny bring the player to the darkness and ghost of the spooky world.

Apart from the graphics, the sound also contributed to Granny’s success. As we all know, the grandmother’s character will appear every time you make a sound. Therefore, perhaps the sound is the thing you fear to hear most in this game. In addition, the sound design of the game is also very surprising and scary. Perhaps that is also the reason you don’t want to hear the sound in this game at all.

Granny mod

Your enemy is a very dangerous person. To cope with the difficulties and challenges of the game, you need to become even stronger. With Granny mod, your character will become immortal. The enemies you face in all game modes won’t be able to kill you. This is a great thing, it gives you the freedom to explore the game without fear of being killed by the enemy. Download Granny mod today to overcome the toughest and most dangerous levels.


Overall, Granny has been uniquely developed by the DVloper. When playing, you will always be put in a position to be ready to fight and on high alert. In addition to creating sensory experiences, Granny also gives you a lot of visual as well as sound perception. Although the graphics of Granny are not so excellent, it is very suitable for the gameplay and horror style of the game.

You can completely experience Granny anywhere and anywhere because the game is offline. Granny is given priority when playing alone.

If you are a fan of horror games, do not hesitate to download the Granny mod and experience right now! Visit our Maxdroid regularly to discover more cool games and Download games and apps for android now!  Thanks, have a nice day.

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