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Install APK with OBB Data on Android

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    April 5, 2022

The development of the game is faster and faster. Previously, we only saw simple and fun games with a simple APK file. Today, we will be able to approach more high-quality games for smartphones. Because of this, the size of games becomes larger and we will no longer be able to install those games with regular APK. Especially with modified games, it is absolutely necessary to understand how to install them. If you do not know the way to install games with a big database, please read the tutorial that we will share below. You will find specific illustrations that you can easily do with your phone. Let’s take a look at some of the basics concepts before you start reading the instruction so that you can better understand Android.

Install APK with OBB Data on Android

What is APK?

APK substitutes for “Android application package”. The APK file is a compressed file similar to rar or zip file on a window. The APK is compressed based on the JAR format and uses the “.apk” extension. All Android phones use APK files to install their applications and games. The modified game is to modify the parameters in this APK file. You will see some interesting experiences when playing modified games. Android is a platform with an open and free source. So you can freely download games and apps from everywhere with the APK file. This has caused many people to love Android.

What is OBB?

OBB is simply understood as the data of the game. The more content the game has, the more beautiful the image will be as well as the better the sound will be. The big games will require additional OBB files in order to install and play. If you download a game from Google Play, it will be an APK file. After installing the APK file, the game will continue to update OBB. If you use the game from sharing sites like ours, you will need to do this manually. It will not be hard for you by following our instructions as it is simple to do.

How to install a game with OBB

Step 1: Download the APK and OBB files of the game. You can find them in the Download folder on your phone.

Step 2: After getting those 2 files. Please copy the OBB file by following the link below /Phone Storage/Android/obb. (If you want to install a game on your memory card, you can follow the link /Sdcard/Android/obb)

Install APK with OBB Data on Android

Step 3: You will see many folders but you just pay attention to the obb folder (If you do not see it, you can create a new folder). Please copy the OBB file to the OBB folder you have seen. Here, I am installing the game Trials Frontier. You will see that I copied the obb file of the game with the .zip extension to this folder.

Step 4: You can click directly on the file. You will see an operation to unzip the file. Click on the start to execute that process. Please wait a moment for extraction.

Step 5: You will see the addition of a folder with the same name as the obb file name. You go inside that folder and find a letter with a pretty complex name depending on the game. With the game I’m referring to as Trials Frontier, that folder is called com.ubisoft.redlynx.trialsfrontier.ggp. This name will be followed by the developer of the game.

Step 6: Move the subfolder to the main obb directory. At this point, you will see a very complicated name in the obb file. So you have finished extracting the obb file. You can delete all the unnecessary files to reduce your phone memory.

Step 7: You return to the directory containing the APK file and click on it to begin the installation process. Once the installation process is completed, you can enjoy the game right away.

Note: These steps that I have given to you are for you to understand the installation. If do them by manipulation, they are very fast and easy. You only have to do a few things to fully control the installation of every game.


This article is all about what you know on how to install a game that has data on an Android phone. Please read carefully the steps we have taken to complete your work. If you have any difficulty, you should take a look at the image to make it easier to follow the steps. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below this article so that we and the community can help you. Do not forget to evaluate this article if you see it useful for you. Thanks and have a great gaming time!

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