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Project QT MOD APK 12.0 (Unlimited Skill)

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    October 10, 2021

If you have a passion for games that have anime-like graphics, you definitely cannot ignore the Project QT. This is a game project for adults, and Nutaku has released it to the online gaming market. Join us to explore the project QT – the hottest turn-based game today.

This is one of the game versions released by the famous producer Nutaku. Project QT is structured with a beautiful action and exciting adventures that cannot be missed. This game is inspired by the study of the black hole of the universe, with the development of science, technology, and the dream of reaching out to the earth.

Project QT MOD APK

With the context of research in the arctic, the game is built about experiments on black holes. They happen to discover a group of monsters also secretly plotting to invade the earth. Facing that risk, the beautiful girls of the earth together began to build a squad against the other aliens.

A war between the beauties has happened, and the secret weapon is the hidden gems of power. Can the earth girls fight those monsters? Join the game project QT to transform into hot girls, and perform the task of saving the earth right away.

The battle with beautiful youkai alien

You will fight directly with beautiful youkai, and this confrontation will help you get prisoners for your team. These groups of monsters will appear everywhere on earth so that you can participate in battles anywhere.

Your opponent is a beautiful girl, the commander and the gang can be little monsters. When you defeat the commander, she will become a prisoner under your control. These prisoners will give you the strength they have, and you can use them to collect more beautiful prisoners together.

The girls are very sexy, hot, and possess different powers that you must conquer. This will help you to have a new and exciting experience fighting them. Not only that, it also helps your prisoner collection become more sparkling and beautiful.

Project QT MOD APK

Join online combat

Project QT project does not make you fight alone with other monsters, but it will help you to have teammates to stand shoulder to shoulder. You can interact with friends, relatives or you can team up with anyone in the world when they participate in this game.

Besides, you can also send invitations to challenge your friends and incarnate into the characters in the game. Together join the top action-adventure, so you will have the opportunity to learn a lot of experience and improve your skills. As well as getting to know many people around the world to promote together to higher levels quickly.

In any game, you need to upgrade your rankings. In the QT project, the more stars you unlock, the more advantage you will have. After completing each task, your girl will probably receive gifts from the system.

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Complete quests to increase the number of gems

Accompanying the quests, you will have gems to support your abilities and help your character have better features. Sparing use of gems and completing daily quests will be a good way for your girl to level 30.

Project QT MOD APK

There are many interesting events in the game

Here, you will not have to worry about a boring game, but you will always experience new things. Entertainment is emphasized when creators always design events every day, every week to increase the amount of interaction for the game. Events are held on the occasion of festivals, giving you the opportunity to enhance your character’s equipment such as clothes, jewelry, or various gifts.

Eye-catching graphic design

It is undeniable that this is the game that focuses on investing in character design the most today. Characters are designed with 3D images that always make users happy. Young and beautiful girls with hot bodies and cool outfits always attract users at first sight. The more you upgrade, the more the outfits will be reduced, and the more sexy girls will be shown.

The sound is not overestimated, but the sound details always make users extremely excited. This is not the type of game that focuses too much on skills, but it is only for the purpose of relaxing and satisfying the user’s vision. Therefore, the overall QT project has done more than expected.

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The features that the QT project brings

Design character in the shape of an attractive anime with sexy videos.

Action gameplay combines adventure to create a sense of relaxation, the image is sexy but still legal.

The girls you transform into will be ranked in order from 1 star to 5 stars, at each level, the shape will also change to bring a new feeling.

Corresponding to the beautiful monster girls, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy interesting introduction videos with extremely attractive costumes.

Top-notch design graphics, vivid sound, sharp image quality are the great features of the game. It can be said that this is one of the games with peak graphics at the present time.

For those who have a passion for anime animation, the attractions that the QT project brings to users cannot be denied. Together discover new things with the battle between beautiful monster girls. Download for yourself the super hot game to experience right now! thanks for visiting maxdroid. Have a nice day!

Download Project QT MOD APK 12.0 (Unlimited Skill) for android
Download Project QT for android (Version 12.0)
APK (Unlimited Skill)
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