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Shadow Fight 3 1.24.3 (MOD, Frozen Enemy)

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    4.1 and up
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    March 29, 2021

Shadow Fight 3 for Android is part 3 of the popular Shadow Fight fighting game series on mobile. Shadow Fight 3 continues to challenge swordsmanship with many dangerous opponents on colorful 3D graphics.

Fighting RPG series with famous guillotine style is coming back. In this third part, you will enter the world of darkness at the intersection of day and night. In this dim setting, you show all the secrets of darkness and become the greatest warrior of the swordsman land ever.

Shadow Fight 3 Game Plot

Shadow Fight 3 will take you into the role of a hero whose fate has not yet been determined. How to see the future? That is your mission. Players will choose one of three different fighting styles, experience, combined with equipment, learn some new moves, and explore the vast world full of adventure. Besides, you also enjoy the beauty of a real battle, thanks to the game built with modern technology and smooth animation.

  • Create your fighting style

SF3 gives players 3 unique fighting styles to choose from. Besides, the warriors also collect new tactics, perks, weapons, equipment, and combine them as you like. Please show agility, dexterity, mystery, and deadly vigor. Upgrade characters to represent your special technique and gameplay.

  • Construction with new technology

SF3 is the fighting game genre to a whole new technical level. Colorful game graphics, smooth animations, bold physics, and virtual reality effects create a vivid, realistic world that you’ve never seen before.

  • The story is wide and deep

SF3 is a game that follows the storyline. You will find yourself in a dangerous world approaching the threshold of a great war in which you are between one. 3 powerful factions are tearing uplands and plotting against each other. Which side will you stand with? Decide your fate.

  • Manage your equipment collection

There are countless weapons and armor in Shadow Fight 3. If you’ve ever dreamed of having a rare collection of battle gear, this is the time to own them. The dark world is a bit dazzling for adventurous people. Collect legendary equipment, combine and upgrade it, equip it, and use it in deadly actions. The game allows players to fight enemies in any style, all limited only by your imagination.

Shadow Fight 3


  • Smooth animations and realistic physics.
  • Spectacular combat action scenes.
  • Many devices and weapons for players to collect.
  • 3 unique factions to choose from and each faction possesses a different fighting style.
  • Hundreds of perks and special moves.
  • Character creation tool.
  • Diverse battle modes.


Inheriting the swordsmanship of the two previous predecessors, and on the background of sharp 3D graphics and perfect realistic effects, Shadow Fight 3 certainly makes the fighting game fans hard to refuse at first sight. Are you confident once again clearing the world of darkness swordplay, download it for free now and find the answer yourself?

Features of Shadow Fight 3 mod apk

Besides Shadow Fight 3 provided by NEKKI, we will bring you a modified version of this game. Version mod will change a little bit, so players can easily achieve the desired things in the game quickly. You will receive unlimited money and can buy all the items in the shop. More specifically, we bring to this version a completely new feature that is freezing enemies. To freeze an enemy: when the enemy jumps, hits and the target will be frozen. With this version, you can completely overcome all levels of the game easily. Along with version Shadow Fight 3 mod apk to overcome all enemies, and collect for themselves the most powerful weapons.

Download Shadow Fight 3 1.24.3 (MOD, Frozen Enemy) for android
Download Shadow Fight 3 for Android (Version 1.24.3)
APK (MOD, Frozen Enemy)
Download from Google Play
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