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Shazam MOD APK 13.49.0-230921 (Paid Features Unlocked, Countries Restriction Removed)

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    October 2, 2023
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    Paid Features Unlocked

Listening to music has probably become one of the essential needs in everyone’s life. In music, the market is always changing day by day, and the number of songs is increasing, making it difficult for listeners to remember all the song titles. Therefore, Shazam was born as a great tool to provide all information about the songs that users love. Let’s explore this application through the article below of Maxdroid!

Shazam APK  MOD

About Shazam

When you “fall in love” with the music playing in the cafe but don’t know what it is, Shazam will help you find out the name of the song in no time. Shazam Encore is the best song identification and search engine for mobile apps. It is compatible with many platforms such as Android, iOS, macOS, Wear OS, and watchOS. The app was originally developed by the company Shazam Entertainment, but the company was later acquired by Google for $400 million.

There are tons of software and apps out there to help you find song titles these days, but Shazam beats the competition with a powerful set of features. This app allows you to take advantage of the Apple Music database of more than 50 million songs. Shazam can help you find any song in the world.

How to use Shazam?

If Billy Batson wanted to be Shazam, all he had to do was say the god’s name, and he instantly became a powerful god. The Shazam app can’t make you like any other, but it also has powerful magic to make you know the song’s title at a glance, like when Billy transforms into Shazam.

On the home screen, with only the app icon, tap the icon and place the phone near the music source. It will listen and return results for you including track name, artist name, and album name. You must allow Shazam to record in order to hear the music you are looking for, and your phone must be connected to the internet.

Sometimes, you hear a good tune at a party or in a restaurant, but you feel embarrassed asking people about it. Don’t worry, just grab your phone and let this app “listen”. The simple interface helps you find music quickly without spending much time. Each track is only about 3 minutes long. There’s nothing sadder than letting the music end before you can memorize the tune.

Shazam APK  MOD

Very easy operation

For an app as simple as Shazam, user experience optimization is key. After accessing the application, the user sees a large virtual button in the center of the screen. You just need to click on it, and “Listen” is displayed to notify you that the application is active. In about 3 seconds, the application will display results related to the tune of the song you are looking for. Finally, users just need to click on the song to enjoy it again.

Outstanding features of Shazam

In the era of booming social networks, many people choose to entertain themselves by watching videos on social networks such as Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Gbinstagram…Surely at some point, you will be impressed by a song in a particular video. The function will pop up, and run the app in the background providing Shazam with instant information about the song you just heard. Your playlist is sure to be filled with the music you love.

Easily switch apps to dark mode with just one tap. This mode helps you to avoid eye strain when using it and reduces battery drain.

Based on the history of searched songs, you will get suggestions for songs that you like by going to the Explore category.

Shazam APK  MOD

Shazam also works in areas where there is no internet connection. However, you will be limited to some functions, and the results will not be as accurate as when you have an internet connection.

Easily share your favorite songs on social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc. From there you and your friends can enjoy the best songs together and share your passion for music with everyone. If you really like a certain song, share it with your friends.

Shazam not only displays information about the song title, album, artist, and musician but also provides lyrics synchronization and home screen display.

Once you’ve found your favorite song, you can stream it directly to major mobile music apps like iTunes or Spotify. If you want to see the official music video of the song, please play it via YouTube. No need to waste time searching and typing characters, Shazam brings you a world of music quickly and conveniently.

Overall, the Shazam mobile app has a relatively intuitive interface to suit most users. Shazam is an application with a relatively intuitive interface and beautiful design. This helps users get used to it and use it easily in a short time.

Shazam MOD APK – Paid Features Unlocked

Shazam MOD APK feature

  • Unlock Paid Features
  • Remove Country Restrictions

Using the MOD APK version of Shazam, you can unlock a variety of paid features, as well as get rid of country restrictions without having to use VPN apps.

Download Shazam MOD APK for Android

For music lovers, Shazam is a must-have app on their phones. Besides finding songs, it also helps you to remember the songs you searched for. Shazam’s tools help music listeners find their favorite music style. If you love the app, you can download it.

Download Shazam MOD APK 13.49.0-230921 (Paid Features Unlocked, Countries Restriction Removed) for android
Download Shazam for Android (Version 13.49.0-230921)
APK (Paid Features Unlocked)
Download from Google Play
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